4th Reich Reveals New Budget

Impeached for Life Prznint Stupid Proposes New Budget


“President Trump is expected to release a $4.8 trillion budget Monday that charts a path for a potential second term, proposing steep reductions in social-safety-net programs and foreign aid and higher outlays for defense and veterans.

He’s coming for ya, Possum Hollar! He’s asking Congress for billions of dollars in cuts to non-defense spending, despite a two-year budget deal he already negotiated with lawmakers, and he is also seeking another $2 billion for the Tortilla Curtain.

“The plan would increase military spending 0.3%, to $740.5 billion for fiscal year 2021, which begins Oct. 1, according to a senior administration official. The proposal would lower nondefense spending by 5%, to $590 billion, below the level Congress and the president agreed to in a two-year budget deal last summer.”

…which sounds very small if  you do not look at what is being cut and by how much, which Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie) actually did:

“…the administration is seeking an 8 percent cut to USDA’s budget over current funding levels. Trump’s plan would cut the Commerce Department by 37 percent, the Education Department by 8 percent, the Energy Department by 8 percent, the Department of Housing and Urban Development by 15 percent, and the Department of Health and Human Services by 9 percent.

“The administration is also seeking a 13 percent cut to the Interior Department, a 2 percent cut to the Justice Department, an 11 percent cut to the Labor Department, a nearly 21 percent cut to the State Department and a 13 percent cut to the Department of Transportation. The EPA’s budget would see a nearly 27 percent chop, the Army Corps of Engineers would see a 22 percent reduction and the Small Business Administration would see an 11 percent decrease.”

In the olden days, when the gubmint was not a toy of an orange plutocrat, the department heads would be screaming, but as most of these appointees were put in place to sabotage from within, so far I’ve not seen a peep. I mean, Education Secretary Betsy Devos (R-Theocracy) goal is the complete shut down of public education to put more child-flesh in the loving hands of Priests and other assorted snake-handlers, praise Jeebus.

“As with his previous budget proposals, Trump is once again seeking deep and unrealistic cuts to most federal agency budgets, according to the budget summary tables. The cuts are unlikely to be embraced by Congress.

That’s an understatement. Can you imagine Nancy Pelosi going on with any of this, let alone in an election year?

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  1. There’s Always Money in the banana stand Military Industrial Complex. Gonna need it too, if we defund the State Department.

    Maybe his long term plan is to rent out the US military…


    • w3ski4me says:

      Didn’t you read about that? He has already sent soldiers to Saudi Arabia, and South Korea, in exchange for money! Tens of thousands of dollars to just who’s checking account we don’t know, to make active-duty soldiers into mercenaries. It’s happening already.

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      • julesmomcat says:

        Holy shit! The dictatorship is sliding into place, below our line of sight! Why doesn’t someone do this democracy a favor, and…

        [Tengrain was here and edited the comment to remove eliminationist language, which granted, we are all probably in favor of. Repeat after me:

        “I curse the dedication and professionalism of the Secret Service and pray that they have a bad day today.”

        That outta do it. –Rgds, TG]

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      • Dennis Cole says:

        And he’s even bragged about it, on live TV and in more than one presser. Plus, he now has more troops in Afghanistan and Iraq than were there when he began preziniting, despite his continued avowal to remove them, and has bluntly told Iraqi leaders, “Go fuck yourselves,” when they voted to oust us.
        I had my first clue about his military & imperial aspirations when he began saying, “My Generals”, and “My Admirals,” My Army,” etc., etc. We must maintain the hope that less than 50% of our Military is on his side, and will back him when he makes his final play – cancelling the election following the issuance of Martial Law, because he will need their help and assistance if he’s going to complete his takeover of America.

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