UPDATED: Holy Cow! Willard Breaks Ranks!

Which one of you mooks had Willard grows a spine in your Impeachment Bingo card?

UPDATE 1: I’m guessing the shriek from the oval office was in a pitch only bats could hear.

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5 Responses to UPDATED: Holy Cow! Willard Breaks Ranks!

  1. RomneyBot3.0 has his eye on 2024, doesn’t he…

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  2. It’s a sad state (nation) we’re in where simply being impartial (fair) is heroic.
    That said, good on him.

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    That act put him in the Top 5, on Cheatolini’s “hit list.” It supposedly goes: Bolton, Schiff, Pelosi, (along with the rest of the “managers,” all lumped together as #2,) Nadler, Mittens, and I heard #5 keeps fluctuating, but apparently the list is Yuge, Yuge, YUGE! And likely being added to as we speak. Miz Lindseed has been overheard crowing constantly about the upcoming investigations, and how everyone will surely rue the day they decided to oppose the Unstoppable (fat) Force. After all, when you have the DOJ on your side as both personal prosecutor and attorney for your defense, ANY investigations will surely result in harsh punishments, including being ousted from Committee seats, to being removed from office, and even disbarment.

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