When fascism comes to the United States, it will be carrying a bible and humping the flag – paraphrasing, of course.

Keep eff’ing that chicken:

“Trump plans to present a vision of ‘relentless optimism,’ as one aide put it, and to summon lawmakers from both parties to work together on economic policies and other issue areas. But the traditionally presidential tone previewed by the White House has been belied by the president’s own messages of discord and disunity, and his vow to seek retribution on the Democrats he feels wronged him by searing his impeachment into history.”

On the Sunday Talkies Republican cultists Alexander and Ernst explain that The Russian Usurper is a changed man:

Appearing on the Sunday news shows this weekend, Sens. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) and Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) indicated that Trump mishandled the Ukraine situation. But they both also said they believed Trump won’t make the same mistake again. Ernst appeared on CNN’s State of the Union and strained to avoid directly criticizing Trump. Eventually she said it was “probably not something that I would have done” and that “he did it maybe in the wrong manner.” But she said he had learned his lesson. “I think that he knows now that, if he is trying to do certain things—whether it’s ferreting out corruption there, in Afghanistan, whatever it is—he needs to go through the proper channels,” Ernst said.

Alexander has been more direct that Trump’s actions were “inappropriate,” and even as he decided not to call new witnesses such as former national security adviser John Bolton or to remove Trump, he essentially said the president did exactly what Democrats have accused him of. He was asked on NBC’s Meet the Press whether Trump might see his upcoming acquittal, though, as an exoneration and a license to do it all again. “I don’t think so,” Alexander said. “I hope not. I mean, enduring an impeachment is something that nobody should like, even the president said he didn’t want that on his résumé. I don’t blame him. So if a call like that gets you an impeachment, I would think you would think twice before you did it again.”

And then Comrade Trumps clap-back:

He sounds totes contrite and chastened. You really think he’s not gonna do a victory lap?

Oh, this is also a good place for some passive activism, let’s do our patented Tune In and then Shut-Off destroy the ratings routine.

As we have proven multiple times now, the networks do watch the drop-off rate in real-time.

All you have to do is:

  1. watch the beginning.
  2. shut off the teevee, close the tab on your browser or whatever device you are using the moment the Mango-hued shitgibbon begins to sniff with his patented Adderall slurring.

The thing is you must be watching at the beginning to be counted. Not being there at all is like not voting.

Enough of us do that it will be reported and we know, Know, KNOW that our totally Stable Jenius reads ratings. It will get to him.

UPDATE 1: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley will boycott Trump’s “sham” State of the Union address.

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7 Responses to SOTU Tonight (UPDATED)

  1. donnah says:

    I’ll follow your advice. And I’ll do it mostly as a protest, but also because I can’t stomach Trump in any form, especially hearing him fumblespeak.

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    • julesmomcat says:

      Whenever he comes on the news, I have to change the channel. Cannot stand hearing him – the sound of his voice literally gets the nausea roiling in my gut, and I grab the wastebasket into which I lose my lunch/dinner/bedtime snack.

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  2. MDavis says:

    Sure, he’s changed. When he makes a questionable call he gets rid of any witnesses so he can say whatever he wants about it. Expect to see him on the golf course more often, with his unsecured iPhone. Of course, the Gingrich precedent says that if anyone picks up the call, even by accident, they can be arrested for giving it to journalists. Can’t have us ungroomed people hearing what our bettors (not a typo) have to say when we are not supposed to be listening.

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  3. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. Thank you for that information. I didn’t know that starting to watch and then stopping affected the rates. But now that I think of it YouTube creators often beg people to watch the videos to the ends as that helps their channels. Amazing how deeply the activities of all of us are tracked. Hugs

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  4. Dennis Cole says:

    “Trump plans to present a vision of ‘relentless optimism,'</s” ‘criminal wrongdoings’ as one aide put it…

    But they both also said they believed Trump won’t make the same mistake (of being overheard and getting caught) again.

    But she said he had learned his lesson. “I think that he knows now that, if he is trying to do certain things—whether it’s ferreting out corruption there, in Afghanistan, whatever it is—he needs to go [into a closet or somewhere no one can eavesdrop on him] through the proper channels,” Ernst said.

    And if there’s one thing that Hair Furor knows all about, it’s corruption. And did anyone else catch that overwhelming barnyard aroma? I have to take my BS detector back in, and get it serviced – the needle’s been flying off the scale for weeks now.

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  5. Buttermilk Sky says:

    He’s bought some glasses to make him look smart. It worked for Sarah Palin, didn’t it?

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  6. donnah says:

    In reviews on MSNBC by various people, Trump’s speech was a big TV production for which he’s well known. He gave a medal to that fat fuck Rush Limbaugh and he hosted a soldier’s homecoming and went on to lie more than usual, if that’s even possible. It was, according to the reviews, strictly a partisan, Base-boosting, middle finger to the Democrats.

    The one saving grace was when, at the end, Nancy Pelosi stood up and tore her copy of his speech in half.

    He’s going to run right up to the election. He’s going to be acquitted, he’s going to continue to commit heinous crimes, and he’s already rising in the polls. I don’t know how we stop him.

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