New Group To Focus on Taking Out #MoscowMitch

Axios has some hot dish: New group to focus on McConnell attacks:

Amid the impeachment trial, a new independent expenditure group called Fix Our Senate will launch on Tuesday to go after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, organizers tell Axios.

Why it matters: As a national political figure, McConnell is both extremely powerful and highly unpopular, with a favorability rating of 29.8% in the latest average of polls tracked by Real Clear Politics.

What they’re saying: “McConnell is already the least popular politician in America — now, we’re going to shine a light on McConnell and every ally who supports him,” the group’s director, Joshua Karp, a Democratic strategist and communications consultant, tells us.

Details: The group plans to conduct and disseminate research on McConnell and his record and leadership strategies to share with activists and surrogates and shape opinion.

  • It will argue that McConnell is disproportionately responsible for wealth inequality, rising drug prices, conservative judicial confirmations, hyper-partisanship, legislative gridlock and the likely acquittal of President Trump in the Senate trial.
  • The group has ties to SEIU, Demand Justice, Indivisible, Protect Our Care and For Our Future.

I would argue that when the history of this era is written (in crayon and on the walls at the Prznintial Lieberry in Trump Tower (“only $20 elevator ride to the second floor!”), amply be-chinned #MoscowMitch will play the role of Snidely Whiplash. There’s never been a more destructive and evil force in our history, and I sincerely hope to someday do the ol’ buck-and-wing on his grave.

So more power to this new group, and to paraphrase our mob boss prznint, “take him out” — and we mean that in the nicest way possible.

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7 Responses to New Group To Focus on Taking Out #MoscowMitch

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    “Why won’t I bring those bills (from the House) up for a vote, or even debate? Because it’s MY Senate, and I decide what gets voted on here.”
    Or some such – not a direct quote, but close enough for hand grenades.


  2. laura says:

    In my future as a retired old, I hope to turn the various graves of MOFO’s throughout our great nation and give them the pissing on they so richly deserve.
    There will be asparagus!

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    • tengrain says:


      I’ll have you know that the Reagan Ranch Center on State Street in Santa Barbara has very poor lighting, and high hedges. Adjacent to the Amtrack station, it also makes for a quick get-away.

      Intriguingly, the Coast Starlight also goes to Simi Valley, but not all that close to the Reagan Library, so you might need some extra energy. But if you have enough Amtrack Coffee, you’d be amazed at what you can do.

      But I’m only guessing.



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  3. laura says:

    Tour, not turn. Curse you auto-splle!


  4. R White says:

    Good luck to the group and their de-programming efforts to get kentuckians to vote against mcconnell. He’s been lingering in the antiquated senate for over 30 years representing 10 of the poorest counties in the country. Those people have nothing to lose by changing it up, but I’m willing to bet between coughing up black lung and taking multiple oxycontins, they will all gleefully vote for moscow mitch in an effort to “own the libs.”

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  5. donnah says:

    Moscow, Midnight, Whatever his name is now, Mitch McConnell has been building his personal empire along with the Republican empire for decades. He has amassed the power that damaged Obama and the Supreme Court and the Democratic Party to the point of nearly abolishing the Constitution. He’s as corrupt and greedy as any of the Trumps and twice as devious.

    He must be taken down. Democrats need to get their crap together as we head into the election campaigns and focus on winning. Democrats have to win and win decisively in November to drag him down.


    • purplehead says:

      Damn Bloomberg could drop a few million into that race like throwing pennies on the ground. He could get his media people on it and create some stunning ads. I cannot believe how much that guy has been spending for a — what is it? Vanity? Swagger? Arrogance? Certainly futile. Actually, he should drop his millions into all the Senate races that are up for renewal.

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