Deny, Deny, Deny (Gaslighting, Part Infinity)

We’re betting MPS will not be the only blog using this gaslighting clip today.

Anyway, yesterday was supposed to be the Big Defense Day, and from the moment of impeached Prznint Stupid’s team arrival:

…to the bitter end, something was missing:

The spectre of Bolton testifying had a certain reaction from our Stable Jenius:

…who oddly seems to think that he gets to make up rules as he goes along.

Comrade Stupid’s golfing buddy is probably not going to get to touch Stupid’s putter ever again after this:

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham said Monday he will seek to obtain a copy of the unpublished manuscript from former national security adviser John Bolton, a move that could bring new evidence into President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. “I want to see what’s in the manuscript,” Graham told reporters, one day after the New York Times reported that Bolton recounts being a first-hand witness to Trump’s request to hold up aid to Ukraine.

Graham, one of Trump’s top allies on Capitol Hill, spoke cautiously about meeting Democrats’ demand for new evidence or witnesses, but did not rule out the possibility. “It could, I don’t know yet,” Graham said, when asked if the Bolton news changed his calculation. “The White House said there was no direct evidence of communications. Maybe this suggests that one person said there might be. Let’s see what’s in the manuscript, let’s see if it’s relevant, and if it is, I’ll make a decision about Bolton,” Graham said.

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie:

The Bolton revelations dropped a grenade right into the middle of the impeachment trial, putting Republicans on edge and renewing Democratic hopes for witnesses. Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) predicted it will “strengthen the case” for witnesses, while Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) said it is “increasingly likely that other Republicans will join” the push to hear from Bolton. But a fourth Republican voice demanding to hear from witnesses has yet to emerge. Still, Romney “made a strong pitch” for witnesses during Monday’s GOP Senate lunch, report Burgess and Bres. Much more on Mitt’s moment:

But I know: Willard and the Concern Caucus (worst white soul group ever) are never gonna step out of line.

BUT… if four Senate Republicans (at least) vote to subpoena witnesses, well, as this unnamed source told Axios’ morning email thingie:

“You don’t want to be one of the first four. But no one gives a f— about the fifth vote,” a GOP Senate aide told Axios. “Especially for all of the 2020-ers. If it turns into a free vote, why wouldn’t you vote for witnesses?”

…which is a good point, I guess.

Axios continues:

What we’re hearing: Sources close to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tell Axios that, if it appears that at least 51 senators will vote for witnesses, McConnell and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer will likely try to hash out an agreement rather than going straight to a vote.

According to Axios, Republicans will continue to resist calling witnesses because “‘there is a sense in the Senate that if one witness is allowed, the floodgates are open,’” as one Republican aide put it.

The legal jeniuses at The White House have plan B (emphasis mine):

Since Mr. Bolton’s statement, White House advisers have floated the possibility that they could go to court to try to obtain a restraining order to stop him from speaking. Such an order would be unprecedented, but any attempt to secure it could succeed in tying up his testimony in legal limbo and scaring off Republican moderates wary of letting the trial drag on when its outcome appears clear.

No d’uh: “The White House did not respond to the Times’s questions about Bolton’s assertions.”


“Whoever leaked the book’s contents wants to use Mr. Bolton to turn the Senate impeachment trial into a larger political drama. But we’ve known Mr. Bolton long enough to doubt that he’d want to sandbag Republican Senators or the President he worked for. He’s a straight-shooter, even if he sometimes aims right between the eyes.”

Bet me whoever leaked the book wants to sell more copies of the book. Jeebus, some people.

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7 Responses to Deny, Deny, Deny (Gaslighting, Part Infinity)

  1. My quatloos are on the Stable Jenius (or henchlings thereof) to jazz the season ending ratings, in time for the glorious SOTU before the new Election Season of “The Apprentice: White House Celebrity Election” starts up later this year.

    It explains the whole arc of this abysmal reality all too well.

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  2. Ten Bears says:

    I’m thinkin’ Bruce’s bet is a safe one. Whoever leaked the book’s contents wants to use Mr. Bolton to turn the Senate impeachment trial into a larger political drama. pResident drama queen.


    • Max I K says:

      According to the Washington Times, newly-besmeared impeachment witness Vindman’s brother is in charge of vetting books (like Bolton’s) for the NSC. Not that there’s evidence that he leaked the book, but surely there’s motive and opportunity!


      • tengrain says:

        The Washington Times is the Moonie paper, and is more that slightly right wing. I think it’s funny that they are trying to distract us from the content by creating a conspiracy about the delivery.

        It doesn’t change the facts of what Bolton wrote.




  3. Dennis Cole says:

    “He’s a straight-shooter, even if he sometimes aims right between the eyes your legs.”


  4. roket says:

    “I want to see what’s in the manuscript,” Graham told reporters. Go ask Donnie. He has a copy.

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