Bogus Defense Bingo!

From Teri Kanefield’s blog. Click the image to go to the story where each cell is explained.

It’s funny, but it is actually very instructive. Yesterday’s hearing Kanefield was able to check off everything except #13 and #23.

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5 Responses to Bogus Defense Bingo!

  1. purplehead says:

    Playing that bingo would mean actually listening to hours and hours of pure-D bullshit and lies. What has become my very fragile psyche would completely break apart. I could not do that. Better to go make some waffles and watch birds in the yard.

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  2. Boris says:

    Roberts can unilaterally subpoena witnesses – retweet this link top as many people as you can.


  3. Pyed says:

    Listening to more that a minute or two of the babbling of Trump, or his apologist, (not to indicate that they ever apologize for any of the may things they have to apologize for} is much too hazardous for the fragile and frangible technologies in my home for me to take such a chance.


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