‘Bomb-‘Em-All Bolton’ Drops Bomb

The upcoming debate over impeachment witnesses just got a lot more interesting. Bigly, in fact!

The NYTimes got their filthy dirty liberal hands on a draft of the book written by impeached Prznint Stupid’s former National Security Advisor John ‘Bomb-’em-All’ Bolton, and it says that President Donald Trump tied military aid to his desired investigations. According to the Times, Bolton writes that Trump told him he would continue to suspend the critical security assistance until Ukraine helped him with the investigations.

As you can imagine, our Stable Jenius, Captain Queeg of the SS Oompa-Loompa, is reacting calmly:

Anyway, we turn our eyes to the Hall Monitors at Axios’ morning email thingie (enigmatic formatting is theirs):

The intrigue: Bolton submitted the book to the White House on Dec. 30 for a standard prepublication security review for classified information.

  • The Times notes: “The submission … may have given Mr. Trump’s aides and lawyers direct insight into what Mr. Bolton would say if he were called.”
  • 🚨 “It also intensified concerns among some of his advisers that they needed to block Mr. Bolton from testifying.”

So, what did impeached Prznint Stupid know and when did he know it? — Dec. 30.

And, you know, the most prestigious Debate Society The World Has Ever Known, is very concerned:

Imagine only at this point feeling blindsided by the Nacissist Borealis?

And what’s the impact gonna be?

This is a dramatic, 11th-hour inflection point for the trial, with an eyewitness rebuttal to Trump’s claim that he never tied the hold-up of Ukrainian aid to investigations into Joe Biden.

  • GOP sources say the revelation could be enough to sway the four Republican senators needed for witnesses — especially since Sens. Mitt Romney of Utah and Susan Collins of Maine have already strongly signaled they’d vote for witnesses.

Republican sources tell me that party leaders and the White House will still try to resist witnesses because, as one top aide put it, “there is a sense in the Senate that if one witness is allowed, the floodgates are open.”

  • “If [Bolton] says stuff that implicates, say Mick [Mulvaney] or [Mike] Pompeo, then calls for them will intensify,” the aide said.

Bolton’s bomb could jump-start #MoscowMitch’s Republicans to break ranks, you know, with the Very Concerned Caucus (and I refuse to put my Hopes and Prayers on them). This leak undercuts the 4th Reich’s defense of Trump’s order to suspend aid because he wanted other countries to contribute, too.

I guess it’s time to update the list:

So what does it all mean? Amply be-chinned #MoscowMitch has some horse-trading to do with the usual suspects. I’d keep an eye on Elaine Chao, too, to see if Maine suddenly gets a new highway.

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11 Responses to ‘Bomb-‘Em-All Bolton’ Drops Bomb

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    “If we let them call one witness, why, next thing you know they’ll want a Bajillion. Where does it end? We can’t have this run like a REAL trial – bad things could happen!”

    And it’s nowhere NEAR a real trial, and even though it’s not supposed to be, we could ask for maybe just a soupcon of punishment for those Rethugs who are breaking the rules that THEY established. I say let them have their GameBoyz, and their crosswords, (puzzles included,) and let them wander freely about the chambers. hell, bring in a kegger, call it a party!
    There’s no longer any respect for rules or decorum, oaths, promises or Truthiness.

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  2. What we have is not a legal process but political gaming.
    If Bolton testifies, and testifies truthfully and honestly, he will have achieved his life’s ambition to nuke something! Blow-Em Up Bolton.

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  3. It is deeply telling of just how much they’re aware that trump is guilty! Guilty! GUILTY!! that their first reaction is…find and punish the person who leaked it.

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  4. retiredeng says:

    “Maine gets a new highway” … To where?

    Reminds me of the punch line in a Maine joke:
    “Where does this road go?”
    “Don’t go nowhere. Just lies there.”

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  5. roket says:

    Just exactly how much evidence is required to convince these stinking morons? Let’s face it. Bolton’s ‘new’ evidence is corroborating evidence. And, If there is any ‘new’ evidence in the book, it will just be new charges on top of the old. Stay tuned for more drip.

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  6. revzafod says:

    Drumpf bragged “We have all the material. They don’t.”
    He made the mistake of counting his chickenhawks before they hatched.

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  7. Chris Papalia says:

    “GOP sources say the revelation could be enough to sway the four Republican senators needed for witnesses…” – a million dollars says it won’t.

    Look, honestly, does anyone still believe their is a GOP senator who is willing to destroy his career for the sake of hearing the truth?


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