Midwest Nice

It’s really something when NPR (Nice Polite Republicans) is so riled-up that they do their jobs and give a hard news interview:

and then this:

Immediately after the questions on Ukraine, the interview concluded. Pompeo stood, leaned in and silently glared at Kelly for several seconds before leaving the room.

A few moments later, an aide asked Kelly to follow her into Pompeo’s private living room at the State Department without a recorder. The aide did not say the ensuing exchange would be off the record.

Inside the room, Pompeo shouted his displeasure at being questioned about Ukraine. He used repeated expletives, according to Kelly, and asked, “Do you think Americans care about Ukraine?” He then said, “People will hear about this.”

We just did, Mike. So much for your carefully cultivated public persona of Midwest Nice.

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11 Responses to Midwest Nice

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Mike has no worries – he’s not up for reelection. He’s always been irascible, angered by the slightest accusation, believes in bad-mouthing opponents, and knows that if they win again in 2020 then his place in the New Theocracy is firmly cemented in position, so he’s in all-out Trumpanzee-cheerleader mode.

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  2. an aide asked Kelly to follow her into Pompeo’s private living room at the State Department without a recorder.

    Yet another reason all reporters should routinely wear a wire.

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  3. Diane says:

    I listened to this interview this morning on Weekend Edition. He’s pissed off that she pointed out the trump strategy isn’t working. He blamed Obama.
    Just another fat, loud mouth bully. He seems to like to try to intimidate women, doesn’t he? We saw this republican tactic during the impeachment trial. They have nothing else.

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  4. w3ski4me says:

    He’s not the only rethug to get first angry, and then crude when you point out their bullshit. It seems to be a fallback position for all of his followers when they know that you know, they are full of it.
    Civility and common decency have certainly fallen along the way.

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  5. MDavis says:

    My first impulse is “no wonder the news rolls over for these goons” and my second is “yeah, no, this is why reporters are supposed to be tough, so that they can and will report the news”.
    And my take-awaay is that the aftermath of the interview is bigger news than the interview.
    Let’s watch it get buried and dig it back up, again and again if necessary.

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  6. ali redford says:

    See, that’s exactly what Pompeo does. He doesn’t answer but says what he wants people to believe. When a question is reiterated, he still refuses to answer or even address the subject at all, and reverts to his previous obfuscation. If a person continues to question what he’s said in order to verify or get more info, he’ll become threatening.
    It was scary, to me, when he ran the CIA.

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  7. DoremusJessup says:

    He and SecDef left the military with stiff necks and wet shoes, and still don’t understand.

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  8. Bruce388 says:

    Pompeo actually thought he would be running for president in 2024. He’s been testy since he realized there is no political future for him.

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  9. buckobear says:

    … and when she correctly pointed out Ukraine’s location, Pompeo said it was Bangladesh. He’s obviously as geographically literate as the stable jenius.
    He once took an oath to not lie, cheat or steal. He later took oats to support and defend the Constitution ……… neither means anything to him.

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