So this went viral last night:

Pretty great, huh?

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13 Responses to #RightMatters

  1. Redhand says:

    Sadly, he’s casting pearls before swine.

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    • ming says:

      Can’t shame the shameless, but we can expose them for what they are. We better hope enough people are paying attention to show them the door this election cycle. We may not get another chance to do so peacefully if McConnell and Trump hold onto power after 2020. This is what kakistocracy bolstered by corporate greed, foreign interference, white nationalism, and religious wackaloons looks like. There is no well-reasoned argument and appeal to basic decency that will get these mendacious clowns to to do the right thing. Fuck trump and his enablers, each and everyone. I will be holding a grudge no matter what happens in 2020.

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  2. donnah says:

    I choked up, too. Schiff is masterful and he is sincere without being condescending. I was swept up by his delivery of every part of his presentations, but his closing was one for the history books.

    I’ve watched most of the House teams presentations. They have been thorough, concise, and unflagging in their facts. Any Republicans who claim that this was a sham are deliberately lying. And even though they won’t be convinced enough to vote against Trump and he will be acquitted within the next week or so, we have the concrete facts in hand to campaign against Trump until we vote him out in November. Republicans will know that Trump is a criminal, they will defend him, and they will live with that going forward. He owns them and they will carry that stain forever.

    I wish that mattered to them.

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  3. Buttermilk Sky says:

    Schiff must have been a hell of a prosecutor.

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  4. purplehead says:

    Schiff has wonderful delivery of words and thoughts, without reading from script. He barely looks down at his notes, while speaking complete sentences. That ability always stuns me. He absolutely is the best person for the job.

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  5. Dennis Cole says:

    Has everyone noticed what a smashing job CJ Roberts is doing, in his job as overseer, to ensure the rules are being strictly followed? Like when Marco snuck a cell phone into the chambers. Or like when 17 Rethuglicons got up and left the chambers in a rude, childish form of protest? If tRump himself shot someone in the chambers, during the trial, he would be acquitted 53 – 47. Unless he shot a disloyal (R) Senator, in which case it would be 52 – 47.

    No, this sham trial is going pretty much the way it was scripted, which is just what I expected.

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  6. another kiwi says:

    The Republicans are lost.

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