(UPDATED) Inside the Bunker

Stable Jenius

Vanity Fair:

“As Donald Trump’s defense team prepares to make its first arguments on the floor of the Senate on Saturday, top Republicans are increasingly worried that Trump’s lawyers are woefully unprepared to counter Democrats’ meticulous, fact-based case for removing Trump. In the president’s circle there’s not full-blown panic—but there’s worry. “A lot of Republicans think the Democrats have done a very good job,” a prominent Republican who is close to Trump’s legal team told me. “It’s been a lot better than we expected.” Florida congressman Matt Gaetz,one of Trump’s fiercest House allies, seemingly spoke for many when he blasted Trump’s lawyers, telling Politico this week that the Trump team’s presentation was worse than ‘an eighth-grade book report.’”

And it continues to lay out bad news for the 4th Reich:

“Removing Trump from office remains a distant outcome, but the dynamics of the Senate trial are clearly shifting in directions that are dangerous for the president. A new Emerson poll released on Thursday showed 51% of registered voters support removal, an uptick of two points. A Reuters poll published on Wednesday showed nearly three quarters of Americans want to hear new witnesses. The prospect that former national security adviser John Bolton would testify is alarming Republicans. (Trump and Bolton’s relationship is badly damaged. A day after Bolton left the administration in September, Trump raged that Bolton was “a liar and a leaker,” according to a person briefed on the conversation.) ‘If witnesses start coming and Bolton is negative, it could win some Republicans,’ a source close to Trump told me. ‘Senators really dislike Trump and are tired of having to go to the mat for him on crazy, batshit stuff,” the source said. “We know if senators took a secret vote today, he’d be removed.’”

…which some of us wondered about whether  #MoscowMitch decides to cut bait for whatever reason. The usefulness of an idiot and what not.

They continue to what must be the coup de graçe:

“Trump’s mood has the West Wing bracing for a new round of staff turmoil. According to sources, Trump is unhappy with Kushner’s recent Time cover story, which showed Kushner posing solemnly inside the magazine’s iconic red border. One source said there is speculation inside the West Wing that Trump may rein in Kushner by bringing in Kushner antagonist Chris Christie to replace acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney. According to one source, Kushner, perhaps realizing the problems the cover could cause, lobbied Matt Drudge not to link to the article.”

The snake eats its own.

UPDATE 1: This sounds just fiiiiiine and confident:

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9 Responses to (UPDATED) Inside the Bunker

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    “Ouroboros cannot eat any more Ouroboros until he’s finished with the Ouroboros he’s eating.”
    No way will Moscow Mitch give in to a secret vote, he’s so sure of bringing forth a savior wrapped in swaddling clothes avoiding serious calamity, er, The Chosen One doing ditto, er, Da Big Boss being acquitted.

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    • Scottie says:

      Hello Dennis. I agree. Moscow Mitch is on the Russian payroll, and his reelection campaign is being propped up by a Russian oligarch putting an aluminum plant in his state. He won’t buck Putin by assisting in getting rid of tRump, in fact he will do everything possible to make this go away before the SOTU speech. Hugs

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      • holy shit, fully half of the Republican caucus is on the Russian payroll.

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      • Scottie says:

        Hello zombie rotten mcdonald. Seems that way doesn’t it. Republicans have shown that power and wealth are what they really are what they crave, and they will sacrifice democracy and human lives to get them. Hugs


      • Perhaps oddly, I used to believe as Trump’s raging idiocy affected his “base,” the fine folks from the hinterlands who put him into office would wake up. I tried to be nice, but I have already ceased talking, writing, and otherwise interacting with the Trump supporters in my life. There’s always scourging myself; but that’s already been rejected; so I guess it’s back to the bottle and the vape! Please wake me when September comes, and I can return to loitering at the local Democratic Party HQ!

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  2. YellowDog says:

    When you stiff your lawyers (like everyone else who works you), don’t follow advice, and have regular tantrums when told the truth, what do you expect? Real lawyers won’t work for you. Might as well throw Rudy, Joe, and Vicki in the mix. They couldn’t do worse and would provide the must-see teevee that Trump wants. I would love to see Rudy have a melt-down on the Senate floor. Would hall monitor Collins tattle to Roberts?

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  3. his use of his tongue must certainly be very unsatisfying to all of wives and daughter-wives.

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  4. s says:

    Prove to me Matt Gaetz reads at an 8th grade or better level. (Assumes facts not in evidence).


  5. paul fredine says:

    maybe it’s just me but isn’t threatening a beheading (even a figurative one) considered witness intimidation? oh, right, just business as usual for these guys.

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