Proof: Bloomberg Is Driving-up Ad Costs

Objects in Advertising may be closer than they appear…

I love/hate pointing out when we are right, Scissorheads, but Tiger Beat tells us that were are vindicated:

Bloomberg’s massive ad campaign hikes TV prices for other candidates

“Michael Bloomberg’s big-spending, shock-and-awe TV ad campaign has made politicking more expensive for everyone from his 2020 rivals to Senate, House and state legislative candidates around the country.

“Eight weeks into his presidential campaign, Bloomberg has already spent more money on advertising — $248 million — than most candidates could spend in years. That amount has squeezed TV ad inventory in nearly every state, lowering supply and causing stations to raise ad prices at a time of high demand, as candidates around the country gear up for their primaries.

“On average in markets around the country, prices for political TV ads have risen by 20 percent since Bloomberg began his campaign. Meanwhile, some local politicians have already found difficulty trying to reach their own constituencies.”

As you may recall, when Kamala Harris dropped out it was just after Bloomberg started hoovering up all the ad time; she had a good message (better than his!) but what she did not have was a budget that could go up against his ad buy.

I have mixed feelings when I read the horse race analysis from our Failed Political Press about which 2020 Goat Rodeo candidates “earned” the most Ameros; once upon a time I thought it might show some sort of enthusiasm We The People have for a candidate, but in the age of unlimited PAC donations, not anymore. Dollars do not equal votes, and even donated dollars do not equal votes, and cornering the market on advertising absolutely does not equal votes. Our press finds it EXCITING! DRAMA! but it is totally meaningless in our billionaires buying the gubmint age.

As much as I wanted to thin the herd down to viable candidates, this is not the way to do it. We have a broken process, and if nothing else, Bloomberg is making that obvious.

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5 Responses to Proof: Bloomberg Is Driving-up Ad Costs

  1. roket says:

    Hey, billionaire businessman, fool me once blah, blah, blah…


  2. Me growls, goes back to sharpening guillotines


  3. Pyed says:

    An informed, enlightened electorate would immediately realize the candidates who are trying to buy their election.



  4. Chris Papalia says:

    Bloomberg, by doing everything he can to ensure Trump is not re-elected, is in fact doing everything he can to ensure Trump is re-elected.

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