Not Today, Satan

Amply be-chinned #MoscowMitch McConnell

Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo has told Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that he will not run for an open Senate seat from Kansas this fall.

“I’ll be busy urging Cadet Bone Spurs to bring-on the End of Days,” evangelical end-timer Pompeo didn’t say to amply be-chinned #MoscowMitch, “which I think is more important. Hail Satan!,” he did not conclude.

OK, that part aside this gives the side of angels (Democrats) a possible pick-up in the Senate as the likely Republican to win the primary is… KKKris KKKobach, who is popular with enough Republicans to win the nomination and is loathed by enough Kansans to lose. As you may recall KKKobach lost a statewide election (48% to 43%) to Dem. Gov. Laura Kelly. Kansas is R+13 CPVI, by the way, so losing by 5% is actually YUGE.

But before you get your hopes up, note that Pompeo has until June to throw his hat into the inferno, er, ring. And given how everything in the 4th Reich always ends poorly for everyone except Comrade Stupid, he could change his mind.

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5 Responses to Not Today, Satan

  1. Or maybe Pompeo didn’t want to end up being the Republican more loathed in Kansas than KKKris…

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  2. ali redford says:

    Well, as a Kansan who despises both men, I still know Pompeo could win the seat in a snap if he wants it. Meanwhile, though, I have a very bad feeling that Pence and Pompeo and whoever else they can get to join them are going to get Trump to resign (you know; he can make more money outside of the government, and stuff) before Pence and Pompeo get into actual trouble, so Pence can rise to President, and appoint Pompeo VP.
    Yes, I had a few bad dreams over the last week. sigh

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    • julesmomcat says:

      Ali: Wise analysis; here’s hoping their health fails them miserably, and vacancies become S.O.P.

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    • Infidel753 says:

      I’m pretty sure that in that situation the newly-selected VP would have to be confirmed by both houses of Congress. If either house fails to do so, the position of VP remains vacant. The House would have every reason to refuse to confirm anyone, since then if anything happened to Pence, Pelosi would become president.

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