‘And Mexico Will Pay For It’ Redux

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Prznint Art of the Deal tells us that sure he’ll pull out the 5K troops that Iraq is demanding, you know, once they’ve settle their debts. From Axios morning email thingie:

  • On Iraq’s move toward expelling U.S. forces: “We have a very extraordinarily expensive air base that’s there. It cost billions of dollars to build — long before my time. We’re not leaving unless they pay us back for it.”
  • On Iraq, an ally: “If they do ask us to leave,” we won’t do it on “a very friendly basis. We will charge them sanctions like they’ve never seen before ever. It’ll make Iranian sanctions look somewhat tame.”

Prznint Transactional only sees the world in dollars and cents. Another reason you cannot run the gubmint like a bidness.

Another tidbit:

  • He repeated his threat against Iranian cultural sites: “They’re allowed to kill our people. They’re allowed to torture and maim our people. They’re allowed to use roadside bombs and blow up our people. And we’re not allowed to touch their cultural site? It doesn’t work that way.”

Yes, that’s a war crime, and as he mentioned it previously, this now makes it a pre-meditated war crime. Good luck with that, buddy.

Former VP and current 2020 Goat Rodeo contender Joe Biden tells the Des Moines Register some harsh truth (via Politico’s morning email thingie and the formatting is theirs):

“Former Vice President Joe Biden said Iran is now ‘in the driver’s seat’ in the Middle East, pointing to an Iraqi Parliament vote to remove U.S. forces from the country.

“In his sharpest rebuke yet of Thursday’s killing of Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, Biden said Sunday during a campaign stop in Grinnell that U.S. military leaders will lose sway in the region and Iran will speed up its efforts to build a nuclear weapon. He added that Iranian leaders will become more popular in their own country as its citizens rally behind them following the attack. ‘This is a crisis totally of Donald Trump’s making,’ Biden said.

“‘Iran now is going to be the person occupying and influencing Iraq,which is clearly not very much in our interest,’ Biden said Sunday. He added: ‘We have to face this alone, without our allies. The (Trump) administration didn’t consult or warn them, even though their interests are at stake, too — even though NATO countries have forces in the region as well. NATO countries now are telling both — our allies, NATO — are telling both the United States and Iran, treating us both as part of the problem. Not Iran. Not us. Both of us.’”

So this is where we stand: alone. Years ago MPS posited that the winner of the Iraq War was Iran, and I hate saying that we were right about that.

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10 Responses to ‘And Mexico Will Pay For It’ Redux

  1. I read somewhere (I think WaPo) that in an effort to steer the toddler-in-chief Pentagon planners have taken to including one stupid crazy option in their list so they can argue against it and guide him to pick a more sensible one. Unfortunately this time one of the bugfuck nutsos on Fox had been bloviating about this guy, so the TIC went for it instantly.

    Now he’s just making it worse and worse.

    At this point all we can really hope for is that TIC’s boss in Moscow decides that the TIC is a no-longer-useful idiot. A few discreet well-spoken words and Moscow Mitch and Leningrad Lindsey will suddenly “grow a spine” and convict the mofo.

    Their oligarch bosses have to understand that lighting the ME on fire is not good for their pocketbooks.

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    • MDavis says:

      It wasn’t crazy stupid enough, allegedly.
      Maybe suggesting a space force would have been better. When he jumped on that one, at least no one died. Yet.


  2. Osirisopto says:

    Given that revenge is a dish best served cold there’s a small group of well dressed people who should no longer be worried about prosecution.


  3. roket says:

    It’s going to be a rude awakening when the entire world sides with Iraq & Iran including Donnie’s bff Vlad.

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  4. That “cultural site” threat/inclusion seems deliberate to antagonize, inflame and distract the left. The first mention was odd enough but, he’d have been corrected on it long before the second mention -but, in the second (or more) mention(s) he double-downed on it. Sure, he says stupid shit all the time but this rubber dookie seems like a planted one bought at Gags & Gifts -with more fingerprints on it than just of “Fuckface von Clownstick”.

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  5. MDavis says:

    Pretty sure that “torture”, at least, is still a war crime along with destruction of cultural sites, so “they are allowed to” is disingenuous.
    Wait, I’m not the “liberal media” – “they are allowed to torture” is a damn lie.


  6. MDavis says:

    Iraq ought to tell him that he should just take his over priced airport with him if he is so afraid they’ll make a profit from his sorry ass.
    And, seriously – “billions”? He’s automatically expecting his corporate lawyers to swoop in and pull his nuts out of the fire by finding a way to cook the numbers so it looks like he’s right.


  7. This is Rove’s fabled neocon “We’re an empire now and make our own reality” bullshit on steroids meth bath salts krokodil… just saw this at digby’s joint:



  8. Bruce388 says:

    We built a very expensive air base in Iraq and Donnie Five Chins wants to get paid for it? Did we get paid when the Russians took over the bases we built in Syria?

    I just read Putin is upset with the killing. This is going to have a negative impact on Donnie’s employee rating.

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  9. sleeve98 says:

    The question burning in my mind is whether a legal mechanism exists that could require a sitting U.S. President to submit to a urine drug screen.

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