‘Your Boss on Line 1’ — Literally

His Master’s Voice
(Hat tip: @pacelatin)

“Are you kidding me? Vladimir Putin tried to call me, and you didn’t put him through? What the hell were you thinking?” Trump said in the middle of a meeting with the UK’s prime minister, his first White House meeting with a foreign leader.”

Business Insider

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3 Responses to ‘Your Boss on Line 1’ — Literally

  1. Dayum, they even almost used the same picture

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    tRump may not want any more “eavesdropping” on his phone conversations, but by law they must be recorded, and the records kept until the “Archivist” deems them inconsequential, either to National Security, or government processes.

    “The Presidential Records Act (PRA) of 1978, 44 U.S.C. §§ 2201–2207, is an Act of the United States Congress governing the official records of Presidents and Vice Presidents created or received after January 20, 1981, and mandating the preservation of all presidential records. Enacted November 4, 1978,[1] the PRA changed the legal ownership of the President’s official records from private to public, and established a new statutory structure under which Presidents must manage their records. The PRA was amended in 2014, to include the prohibition of sending electronic records through non-official accounts unless an official account is copied on the transmission, or a copy is forwarded to an official account shortly after creation.”[2]

    And if he’s NOT keeping those records, I can’t think of a way he can be forced to, but they would most certainly provide valuable insights into the machinations of his dotard mind.

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  3. roket says:

    ‘Who could have possibly predicted such an occurrence’ said everyone on the right and no one on the left.


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