‘Your Boss on Line 1, Mr. Comrade Prznint’

Comrade Trump Gets A Phone Call

I guess we should be thankful for the Russian Press:

“When news arrived early Sunday that President Donald Trump had spoken to his Russian counterpart, it didn’t come from the White House.

“Instead, word came from Moscow, where the Kremlin issued a brief statement saying Vladimir Putin had initiated a call to thank Trump for information provided by the United States that helped foil a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg.

“It would be more than 24 hours before the White House officially confirmed the conversation in its own statement. The 63-word American description of the call largely echoed the Russian version, with the addition that the men discussed arms control.”

So here’s some real-world impact from Comrade Stupid’s call with Ukraine: he’s not letting anyone listen in on his calls to avoid another whistleblower, there is no oversight of any calls whatsoever, even from insiders. You can also read into that that the Russian Usurper is now unchained and can say/extort/threaten whomever without repercussion: no one knows anything.

If the Russians had not reported on this call, we would know nothing about it. Not even that is was (ALLEGEDLY) a thank-you call. This is alarming.

Side note: Today marks 20 years since Vladimir Putin became Russia’s president — on Dec. 31, 1999. I wonder if Putin’s favorite agent will call?

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4 Responses to ‘Your Boss on Line 1, Mr. Comrade Prznint’

  1. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. Tighter and tighter does the web of authoritarian dictator draw around the former democracy known as the US. It was a pretty good run while we had it. Hugs

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  2. There is a substantial population in the United States that support our current government being run and dictated by Putin. People that can’t think for themselves. Mindless followers. Sad. Democracy in decline. And don’t get me started on the bought and paid for Russian GOP of this country….don’t get me started!

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  3. buckobear says:

    The Joined Bitch Society — republican party ………. same thing

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  4. paul fredine says:

    i’m guessing there’ll be no call from here-to-there but maybe a nice fruit basket. or possibly one of those wonderful chocolate cakes from the kitchen at merde-a-lardo?


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