As Was Foretold in Prophecy (or at least on MPS)

Susan Collins’ Uses Her Spidey Senses

Pay-up, bitchez!

Now that Sen. Lisa Murkowski has expressed being disturbed by amply be-chinned #MoscowMitch coordinating the impeachment trial with The Russian Usurper,  it was only a matter of time for Susan Collins to become concerned:

“Maine Senator Susan Collins became the second Republican to criticize Majority Leader Mitch McConnell this week for his pre-impeachment trial comments about being in “total coordination” with President Donald Trump.

“Collins, speaking with Maine Public Radio in a segment broadcast Monday evening, said it was “inappropriate” for McConnell — and Democratic lawmakers — to “prejudge” the impending Senate impeachment trial.”

BOTH SIDES!!1! Sweet Jeebus, it’s the get-out-of-jail-free card!

“Collins said the level of agreement between Republicans and Democrats in deciding how proceedings should work during former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment is likely impossible today. Collins demanded “impartial justice” in the Senate trial and criticized McConnell for “saying that he’s taking cues from the White House.” Collins agreed with Democrats that witnesses and documents should be allowed for introduction at the Senate trial.”

Look, I should be grateful that she’s joined a possible uprising in the Senate to attempt to keep #MoscowMitch honest (I crack myself up).

So how many Quatloos should I bet that Willard will be the next invertebrate to find some remnant of his vestigial spine?

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6 Responses to As Was Foretold in Prophecy (or at least on MPS)

  1. I’ll cover that action, so long as it isn’t more than [scrabbles in pocket] 2 quatloos and a lifesaver with only a little pocket lint on it….


  2. another kiwi says:

    Mittens is still waiting for the State Department call about about his Ambassadorship and his patience is WEARING THIN!!. Soon, by fishsticks, he’s gonna do something.


  3. Astamari says:

    Mittens, Collins and Murkowski will fold like cheap deck chair on the Titanic (is not a mixed metaphor!) when google-eyed, Moscow Mitch goes Boo back at them for their insolence.

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  4. roket says:

    Sternly worded letters or it doesn’t count.

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