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Dump Trump (ITMFA!) and the Republicans

This piece at CNN(!) tackles the idea of the Senate using a secret ballot to vote on impeachment of the Russian Usurper. Prof. Robert Alexander notes that currently we do not have the same kind of Senate that the framers designed (see the 17th Amendment), so impartiality is not a given. And because our Stable Genius is all about revenge, well, even if some GOP senators wanted to remove him, they know that they would be targeted if they failed.

It’s a perfect storm of party over country. Alexander posits that a secret ballot (though not transparent) could overcome these obstacles.

It’s a good read.

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  1. ming says:

    I’m not a fan of letting our congress critters vote on any thing in secret. Maybe it would allow for removal of the Tangerine Taint Tumor, but it would be a bad precedent. They should be fully accountable for all votes.

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    • angry spittle says:

      Absolutely. Don’t give these chickenshit bastards an out if they haven’t got the damned guts or integrity to man up and stand for what it right and decent.


  2. The kind of Senate the Framers designed was another of the peculiar bastardizations designed to pacify the big agricultural states (read Southern Slaveholding). It’s the American equivalent of the House of Lords, and It literally is the apotheosis of Trump’s ‘sea of red’ map’s one vote per acre.

    The Framers didn’t trust this whole ‘nation’ thing, and giving such an important branch of government entirely over to the colony state legislatures, ensured that the wealthy elites would control one of the three branches by design.

    The echoes of the original American Confederacy (the pre-1789 shambolic wreck, not the TIDOS one) still pervert our politics to this day…this notion that we are not really a country, but just a loose association of ‘sovereign’ states ruled by wealthy vested interests is responsible for nearly all the things that are destroying this country today; and make no mistake, it is being destroyed.

    (witness the Roberts Court’s open warfare on voting rights, like knifing the VRA and ruling that gerrymandering purely for partisan advantage is A-OK, and not a matter for the Federal courts, which makes a mockery of the principle of one voter, one vote)

    The same kind of oligarchs who rigged it in the beginning are now stepping out to grab it openly, and so long as they ally themselves with the aging white supremacists in the empty states, ensures that they’ll rule forever, while maintaining the trappings of democracy, and dispensing with any substance of it.

    (by 2040, if trends continue, something like 80% of the US population will be represented by no more than 20 Senators.)

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  3. Ten Bears says:

    I’ve been of the mind to call Jeff Flake’s bluff since he … well, it might not be bluff.

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  4. Aurora Silvermane says:

    Oh, please. What makes anyone think Republicans will do the right thing when no one’s watching? This gives them cover to not be held accountable to their constituents for their votes. I have no time for the Republicans who are Very Concerned In Private. What are they waiting for?


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