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The Pride of Utah, Sen. Mike Lee is in for some interesting times. First story is the set-up:

“Mike Lee is the quiet force to get Trump acquitted”

“Lindsey Graham is fighting President Donald Trump’s impeachment case on Twitter and every media outlet that will have him. Mitch McConnell is swatting down Democratic demands and pledging to acquit the president.

“But behind the scenes, Sen. Mike Lee is quietly playing a crucial role coordinating with Trump and his legal team ahead of the impeachment trial.

“The Utah Republican is working with the White House to track the wide-ranging viewpoints within the Republican Senate majority, including his Utah colleague and impeachment wild card Mitt Romney. That relationship could prove critical when the Senate considers difficult votes on witnesses or other motions, and ultimately on the president’s acquittal or conviction.

“And though Lee is staying away from the cable news food fights that some of his colleagues are fixtures on, he’s not exactly urging a dulcet tone from Trump. ‘He has every reason to be confident about this, every reason to be unapologetic and defiantly confident about his case. Because he has a really good case,’ Lee said in an interview as the Senate left for the winter holidays late last week. ‘I have suggested all along: If [House Democrats] are going to do this, steer right into the wind.’

“As soon as Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced an impeachment inquiry this fall, Lee began regularly talking with the president and White House counsel Pat Cipollone about how to plan for the storm. Importantly, Lee has helped advise Trump and his team that the Senate shouldn’t just try to dismiss the impeachment charges but should instead hold a trial to exonerate him.”

And here’s the jeopardy he’s in:

Official Statement From Mormon Women for Ethical Government on the House Impeachment Vote

We assert that our most sacred civic expression is the casting of an individual vote. Any president or leader who forces political support and fails to honor and protect the free and legitimate elections on which our republic rests has lost the moral right to govern. By attempting to compel Ukraine to announce investigations benefitting only his re-election efforts, President Trump forced every American taxpayer to become an unwitting contributor to his political campaign and a supporter of his re-election.

Regardless of the behavior of any other political actor in either party, the president of the United States is never justified in bringing our common resources and might to bear against a political rival. As an organization committed to the defense of ethical government, we feel an urgent need to speak in defense of our norms and institutions. The House of Representatives produced the required articles, following procedures previously established, and voted through a legislatively approved process. They have fulfilled their constitutional obligation.

When presented to the Senate, these articles deserve a full and fair trial with impartial jurors, conducted as required by the Constitution. Even in an era of polarized partisan politics, truth is discernible and powerful. The Senate must resist all impulse to reduce this process to gamesmanship and theater and instead must pursue truth by compelling testimony from the actors at the heart of this inquiry. The president himself must honor his sworn duty to uphold the law by providing the documents Congress has subpoenaed and instructing his staff to testify. If he is innocent, their testimonies will be exculpatory. Subversion of this process, regardless of outcome, represents a subversion of justice.

At MWEG we are committed peacemakers. However, we recognize that true peace is not an absence of conflict. Rather, it requires, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. taught, a courageous defense of truth and justice. Some argue that an impeachment process must be bi-partisan before it is legitimate. Some say that without Congressional Republican support, investigating the president would be too divisive. We reject this argument as one devoid of moral authority. Peace cannot be purchased so cheaply. Effective leadership does not sacrifice truth and principle on the altar of consensus. Instead, it gives voice to truth and lends courage to those who are fearful. Our nation is truly indivisible only when there is liberty and justice for all.

While we speak to all of our fellow citizens and elected officials, we call specifically upon our co-religionists Senators Mike Lee (R-Utah), Mitt Romney (R-Utah), Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), and Tom Udall (D-New Mexico) to honor their oaths of office. We remind them that this oath qualifies them for service and was taken in the name of God. The oath of office does not require our representatives to protect the economy, their political party, their seat, their ambition, or even the president. It demands that those sworn to office will uphold the Constitution and fairly adjudicate on behalf of every citizen. We expect them to honor that oath, and we will hold them to account with our votes.

I don’t think I have to stress this much, if Mormon women are now in The Resistance, those Senators are on notice. Church Ladies everywhere are the power behind the altars, and if they are going to push-back, it will be felt.

Imagine those nice, smiling Mormon women with their shimmering magical underwear in a bunch? Wouldn’t wanna be you Sen. Lee.

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  1. Astamari says:

    Good for them but I’m betting that there are many more fundy women who are just happy as clams with the Orange Molester.

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    • tengrain says:

      There was something I saw this morning from The Christianity Today people: for ever cancelled subscription, they’ve picked up three new ones.

      Something is happening in Jeebusland.



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  2. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. What I do not understand is what Lee is getting out of this? He is from a state that doesn’t like tRump. He won’t be primaried by a tRump cult member. So why kiss up to tRump? Is he looking for an ambassador spot or cabinet post? Hugs

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  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    I think there are a couple of things going on here… first of all, Mormons realize that they are a minority religion, and they are not considered Christians by the Evangelical Fundamentalist crowd. Any alliance between the two groups is one of convenience, with hostilities abated to push a mutual reactionary agenda- it’s like the alliance between right-wing Catholics and Evangelicals.

    The other factor is that Mormons are aggressive prosetylizers who see recent immigrants as potential converts. The GOP war on immigrants probably cuts into the potential field of new adherents… and new tithes.

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  5. roket says:

    Let the voter suppression of Mormon women begin. You’ve been added to Donnie Dorko’s bucket list.

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