The Trade Wars Get Weird(er)


You really cannot make up stuff like this:

“President Trump must decide within days whether to proceed with the next round of tariffs on $160 billion of Chinese goods, which are slated to go into effect on Sunday. [Peter] Navarro, a senior trade adviser to Mr. Trump and a China skeptic, has cast doubt on the willingness of Beijing to meaningfully overhaul its trade practices and has advocated the tariffs as a tool to force China to change its behavior. He’s not the only one making that point. To illustrate those concerns, Mr. Navarro harnessed his literary muse, Ron Vara, in a memo that is circulating in Washington. Sent from an email address purportedly belonging to Ron Vara, the memo highlights public commentary in favor of keeping the pressure on China with more tariffs. “Much debate going on,” Ron Vara wrote, referring to the decision about whether to roll back or double down on China tariffs. “Here’s one side that has not been in focus. Thoughts?”

Ron Vara is the fictional character that Mr. Navarro created and cited as an expert more than a dozen times in five of his 13 books, where he offered searing critiques of China. Mr. Navarro’s use of the fabricated source emerged in October after an Australian scholar reviewed all of Mr. Navarro’s writing and discovered that one of his sources was imaginary.”

So let’s get this straight: Peter Navarro is circulating official memos written by his invisible friend/alter-ego/nom-de-plume. Nothing weird going on here at all.

As you may recall, Comrade Stupid’s trade representative Navarro was discovered by Jared Kushner when he perused Amazon looking for a China hardliner.

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  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Jared was actually looking for a headliner, for a show he was putting together, extolling the vibrant economy we’re experiencing lately, here in the US of Americastan, and praising the Lords of Capitalism. They misread his request, and the rest, as they say, is history. Or her story. Or whatevs.

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  2. Zippity-Do-Daddy says:

    CBC Radio here in Canada did a bit on this on 16 October 2019. You can read it here:
    Scroll down to: Part two: Made-up economist, tulip fraud Made-up economist
    Quick quote from it:
    Tom Bartlett at the Chronicle of Higher Education received a statement from him. And I think his response is oh, you know it was all just a bit of a joke. He made up this character, and as the name was an anagram, he was expecting people to spot it. So that’s all it is from his point of view.


  3. You know, normal people get fired, demoted or have their academic credentials revoked for things like this.

    The sheer level of chutzpah of using this sock puppet after you’ve been caught using the sock puppet is off the charts.

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  4. Osirisopto says:

    Man you can get ANYthing on amazon.

    I wonder if Fratsputin got a deal with his prime membership.

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