Meet The Press: Kabuki Journalism

The Death of the Media

“What are you wearing?”

So this happened:

As we all know (and dawg only knows that “we” includes Ayatollah Ted) that US intelligence briefed Senators that theories of Ukrainian involvement in the 2016 Goat Rodeo was disinformation propaganda campaign created by Putin hisself.

And so while many are complementing Upchuck on finding his vestigial inner journalist, I keep wondering: why does this moron continue to invite known apparatchiks and liars onto his show and into our living rooms?

That is the real question. This is just Kabuki Journalism.

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10 Responses to Meet The Press: Kabuki Journalism

  1. Ava Middleton says:

    There’s another 5,000 rubles in ted’s bank account!

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  2. Ten Bears says:

    Still curious how a Cuban Canadian of questionable immigration status can be ‘senator’. Anyone see its birth certificate? Notice in the local paper? Green card? Asylum application?

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    • R White says:

      If asked, most texans are so dumb they will tell you raphael is really white and one of ‘them’ since he loves gawd, gunz and the babez not necessarily in that order.

      As long as he is sticking it to the libtards, they don’t mind their senator wasting their taxpayer money as he sits alone in his office eating cans of chef boyardee while watching ‘mommy porn.’

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  3. R White says:

    To answer your question, it is well known within the acela corridor that human oatmeal, aka chuck todd gives the best blow jobs to republicans…

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  4. donnah says:

    Chuckles Todd pulls this crap all of the time. It’s “both sides do this” most of the time, very much the concern troll. Then when he knows he has a “gotcha” moment, he pretends he is a tough journalist and goes after the guy. He’s a cartoon of a journalist.

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  5. Be careful not to let the Republican misdirection work on you.
    The now-debunked propaganda campaign is the one that says Ukraine was the real source of the hack of the DNC email servers. Ted and others in the GOP have moved on from that–but only a little. The latest talking point is that Ukraine meddled–not hacked!–by having their ambassador write an anti-Trump op-ed piece and by providing evidence the Paul Manafort is a crook. In their book, pointing out actual corruption is way more corrupt than announcing an investigation of fake corruption.

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  6. MDavis says:

    I started out to say: 0:30, Ted: “Thanks a lot for reminding me what a whore I am.”
    But then I listened to the rest and I have to go on with “Oh, Christ, This Asshole Again.”

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