The Death of the Media, Part Infinity

Depends upon how the media frame it

The Nice Polite Republicans (NPR) are doing it again:

Biden Doubles Down On Heated Town Hall Where He Called Voter A ‘Damn Liar’

Former Vice President Joe Biden is defending himself against criticism over a heated town hall earlier this week in which he called a voter a “damn liar” and challenged him to a pushup contest and IQ test. The voter, an 83-year-old retired farmer, asked about Biden’s and his son Hunter’s work in Ukraine, making some false accusations about it. He also said Biden was too old to run for president.

And if you read the story you will be left wondering what’s wrong with Handsome Joe because NPR choses to underplay that his town hall inquisitor said that he was too old to be president.

And instead they are giving him the Howard Dean Scream treatment.

The crap about push-ups and an IQ test were about the too old comment, but they want to frame it that he’s losing it over the Ukraine conspiracy theory being put out by the Fourth Reich.

Regular readers know that I find NPR problematic at best and manipulative at worst, and this is their full-on worst. It’s not that they are lying (Biden did say those things!) but they are omitting the context. Three Hail Marys for the sin of omission, amirite?

We have a huge problem with the media in this country.  Media consolidation has resulted in common knowledge punditry and in the reporters not wanting to upset the boss. In this instance, the boss are the Republicans who continue to threaten to cut their funding.

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3 Responses to The Death of the Media, Part Infinity

  1. That exchange was dynamite, true to the “No Malarkey” slogan. Liars, con-men and planted hecklers should be called out as such. I was thoroughly endeared and, if anything, it advanced him in my book. As for NPR, I don’t think I’ve watched or read any of their segments or articles since the Bush Jr misadministration. -didn’t even notice that until now. “Nice Polite Republicans” makes a lot of sense as to why …


    • tengrain says:


      I know, Right?

      I mean I’m not on team joe 2020 (but hell yes: if he’s the nominee, I’m with him!) and I was offended by it. It’s a weird kind of dishonesty and NPR can and must, Be Better as Mel would say.



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  2. Abu Scooter says:

    I liked NPR better when it stood for Never Praises Republicans.


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