Haley: It’s a Grand Ol’ Flag

The South Will Rise Again. With some help, that is.

Former UN Ambassador and future VP Nikki Haley said to Glenn Beck that Dylan Roof besmirched the honor of the flag of the traitors:

Haley, in an interview with conservative radio host Glenn Beck, revisited the conversation around her decision in 2015 to remove the Confederate battle flag from the South Carolina statehouse after the shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Haley was widely praised for removing the flag.

“This was one of the oldest African American churches — these 12 people were amazing people, they loved their church, they loved their family, they loved their community,” Haley replied, referring to nine people who Dylann Roof killed in June 2015. “And here is this guy that comes out with this manifesto, holding the Confederate flag and had just hijacked everything that people thought of (about the flag).”

“But you know people saw it as service, and sacrifice and heritage — but once he did that, there was no way to overcome it.”

Two things come to mind, 1) How many decks below the waterline does one have to be to be interviewed by now free-range conspiracy theorist, assiduous suck-up, throne sniffer, seditionist Glenn Beck, and B) No one talks to Beck about race unless they are affirming his theories. The White Board Awaits!

Anyone doubt now that she’s testing the waters to return to politics, preferably as Ill Douche’s VP?

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  1. roket says:

    “Flas of the traitors.” I’m stealing that.

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  2. Buttermilk Sky says:

    More than 150 people were lynched in South Carolina before Dylann Roof was born. So the Confederate battle flag was a little racist then, too.

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    So the Stars & Bars flew over the very folks who were so “disenchanted” over the North’s imposition of anti-slavery statutes and differing definitions of State’s Rights that they treasonously declared war and thus it became the very symbol of treachery and betrayal. For a whole four years. Lotta important heritage there – about 2.6% of our country’s entire existence at the time.

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  4. R White says:

    As a woman of color who feigns a southern accent, Nimrata should know that the american swastika has always been displayed as a middle finger to the rights of minorities by white racists letting them know that they will never be accepted as equals. Her tone-deaf interview with someone like beck is desperation with her trying to re-ignite her dwindling political profile having been smeared with the shit-stain legacy of supporting & working with FatNixon. It is only too funny that she is now playing the victim supposedly fighting for the rights of a group of people who are not aware of their inherent white hegemony and would likely kick her to the curb if she wasn’t so dumb and subservient.

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  5. Yah know, if all those confederate statues and flags are “symbols of service, sacrifice and heritage” why not fly the union jack in remembrance of those brave souls who defneded their country against those upstart rebels in 1776? The Statues honoring the bravery of the Wermacht or the Imperial Japanese Army? I”m sure we could commission a statue of Benedict Arnold somewhere.

    The Traitor’s Rag has never stood for service, sacrifice and heritage, unless you amend those words:

    “service to slaveholders, sacrifice of untold thousands of black men, women and children, and a heritage of virulent hatred and violent white supremacy.”

    And THAT, Nikki, is why, in whatever heart or shriveled soul you have left, you know you were right to tear it down, and you’re wrong to defend it now.

    May that thought haunt your dreams forever…

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    • another kiwi says:

      It really is called twiiter in New Zealand #TrueStory


    • purplehead says:

      Wow. No shit. It’s a wonderful, enlightening read, including the twitter-user comments. This really should be circulated beyond the echo-chamber. Certainly, beyond twitter. Thanks for linking to it.


    • tengrain says:

      Thanks Kiwi, I knew that it was the battleflag, but I did not know any of the rest of that. I’ve retweeted that now. I’m just amazed by history!




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