Stop Building Lifeboats, Media!

The Death of the Media

Trump’s GOP

Tiger Beat’s email thingie:

REPUBLICANS RALLY — Republicans on both ends of the Capitol got a boost from the White House ahead of Wednesday’s impeachment hearing. Vice President Mike Pence was dispatched to a closed-door meeting with House Republicans, where he urged them to stick together and thanked them for supporting the president, per your Huddle host. And White House counsel Pat Cipollone lunched with Senate Republicans to hash out a strategy for the likely Senate trial, report Marianne and Burgess.

The outreach effort from the White House appears to be paying off: Republicans haven’t budged on impeachment. And they’re not even searching for an escape hatch, like a censure resolution or some other lesser form of punishment, report Burgess and your Huddle host. The antipathy for even a symbolic reprimand of Trump shows how the president has transformed the GOP, where any break with him can be seen as a personal slight. The story:

I will keep beating this drum, Politico: The Russian Usurper did not transform anything, he only made it more obvious that the Republican Party is full of Republicans. They did NOT change overnight into some sort of authoritarian cult, it’s who they have always been. But now, because their leader is a loud-mouthed bigot who says the quiet parts loud the instant that they pop into the ol’ swiss cheese, they all feel empowered to let their inner klansmen out.

The Republican Party will continue to full of Republicans long after Comrade Stupid is gone, and the sooner that the Media figures that out, the better off we will be. But who am I kidding: the Media has no interest in that, they only want Drama! Conflict! Ratings!

CNN Drama, explained

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8 Responses to Stop Building Lifeboats, Media!

  1. Reality TeeVee World. We’re all trapped in the dark reboot of The Truman Show

    (and separately, wtf is it with Hollyweird that we now have to have “dark” reboots of everything. “dark” Archie? “dark” Nancy Drew?

    [Amy Pohler SNL Weekend update voice] Really???[/apssnlwuv] )

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  2. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. This is what we must make everyone see clearly and understand. Our country has been hijacked. I admit it took me a long time to see it. We have become use to , indoctrinated to believe, that it is normal that wealth rises to the top and the wealthy are superior people, that lower incomes are less worthy, that the poor are lazy. It is like the way you were telling me that the older generations are indoctrinated to the word socialism even though that is not the meaning of the way the word is used today. We really have to change our thinking , to de-convert to what was and is being pushed as the normal, or we are lost to the future we can have. Hugs


  3. R White says:

    TG – you and others who bravely dwell within the online sewer known as twitter need to make it apparent to the so-called ‘never trumpers’ like boot that he and other ‘serious conservative thinkers’ built the modern day republican cult and are responsible for lobotomizing so many of our fellow americans for money, power and ratings. Until they repent publicly by disavowing the party and supporting the progressive cause, they need to be ridiculed daily.

    This of course means possibly getting blocked since they are such fragile creatures who can dish it out but cannot stand ridicule.


    • tengrain says:

      R White: I am blocked by many of ’em. Boot for some reason has not blocked me, yet. I’ve failed there. I’ll endeavor to try harder.



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      • R White says:

        Well, if you’re successful, great. If not, it’s a part of the record. Just don’t stop with the misadventures of Dame Peggy. You’re hot takes about whatever that sanctimonious twit has to say have me in tears laughing so hard.

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  4. CalicoJack says:

    Howdy y’all!

    Every time one of the heads talking on TV pops off about when will the Repubes find a spine or something, I verily scream at the computer, “They want it like this!” It’s getting so that you can’t even enjoy an evening of progressive propaganda because of the willful ignorance of the media personalities that cycle through the rounds of TV shows.

    The GOP wants a single-party pseudo-democratic regime that will transfer the wealth of the nation to the 1% as quickly as possible just like they have in Russia. They are so close now, they are about to pop! Even their mom walking in on them won’t stop them! Or, at least, it is the way it seems.


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  5. Heim says:

    President Trump could be popular as horrible as he is Republican policies are unpopular. Be afraid be really afraid.


  6. EWM says:

    I which political party would the following question be illegitimate? Mr. Politician, given the fact that all taxation is compulsory, do you have any evidence you have any voluntary support whatsoever?


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