Unsaddle that Goat! Harris is Out!

Harris returns to Cali!

Well this sucks:

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14 Responses to Unsaddle that Goat! Harris is Out!

  1. Plummet says:

    Now if we can get another dozen or so to drop out……

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  2. donnah says:

    Once again, money defines the shaping of our democracy. Harris is smart and a tough cookie. I hope she’ll find a leadership position in the next Democratic administration.

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  3. ali redford says:

    I’m sorry about this, too, but our next president (not MHSG) can sure use Sen. Harris in the US Senate! We need to keep as many good senators there as we can.

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  4. Dennis Cole says:

    “I will keep fighting every day for what this campaign has been about. Justice for the People. All the people.”

    Wait! Come back! I didn’t know that was your Mission Statement, and your whole position all along!
    (Coz it certainly WASN’T during your time as Cali’s AG. All the RICH people got the Justice they could afford, and the rest of us, well, “Hang em high” DOES resonate. And when we voters approved Recreational Marijuana, with the time for implementation delayed for a year, you memoed all the County DAs, ordering them to continue prosecuting cannabis offenses until then, TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW, and down to the smallest simple possession charge.

    Can I say “Good riddance” with a clear conscience? You bet.

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  5. Dennis Cole says:

    Having said that, and in deference to her supporters here & elsewhere, I think she’d be a terrific replacement for Notorious RBG.

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  6. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    I hope she throws her support behind Warren.

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  7. purplehead says:

    And Zoot Suit Biden still gaffs along. And Mayo Pete still muddles along, middles along. Ugh. Fuck this primary.

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