Keep Checking Your Voter Registration Status

Just do it!

Last night this scrolled across my Twitter-twatter:

There is no end to the eff-ery that the Republicans —who are committed to stay in power — are willing to use to keep us from voting them out. And while you think you are still registered to vote, do you know that you are?

Anyway, here’s a clearing house of voting information, including how to:

  • Register to Vote
  • Confirm That You’re Registered to Vote
  • Change Your Voter Registration
  • Check Your Registration

Much of this will be state-dependent, with different dates and requirements. Check your status early and often, as the example above shows us: just because you voted in 2018 does not mean that you on the voter roles for this year.

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  1. I get purged every year and I even vote in local. Deep Republican territory, Floriduh.

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