News That Will Drive You To Drink (‘Oops, Part Infinity’ Edition)

Happy Hour News Briefs

So lifelike.

Lets begin with CBS This Morning’s tweet:

I dunno, Faceberg, your answer to King sounds shifty to me. Maybe you need a better algorithm? But I digress. Look, as Senator Professor Warren said when news of this private dinner leaked:


Faceberg doesn’t want Facebook to be regulated, and so you better believe that he was willing to be lobbied to let Comrade Stupid continue to use Facebook to lie to Possum Hollar. What’s a little false advertising between friends?

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6 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink (‘Oops, Part Infinity’ Edition)

  1. Boris says:

    You know the Orange Idiot is taping everything in the WH. Now if we just had an independent DOJ and judiciary we’d have even more proof of the president*’s continuing quid pro quo activities.

    I’m sorry – did I say continuing? I meant continual.

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    • Astamari says:

      This is not 1972-1974. Even though phones are not allowed to be on for general staff, a lot of senior people, (including Trump’s unguarded phone) have secret recordings of conversations and I have to believe the NSA has just about everything ever recorded. Now when and how all that will be accessible is a whole nother question.

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  2. Osirisopto says:

    Now we know why faceberg announced it will allow politicians to lie in paid Ads.

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  3. w3ski4me says:

    I hope he liked the cold hamberders and fries.


  4. paul fredine says:

    can’t help but think if they talked about ‘what was on his mind’ it was a very short conversation.

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