Bad Headlines: #CNN Fails Us Again

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Republican running to challenge Rep. Ilhan Omar has Twitter account permanently suspended

And you know why? Because she threatened Omar with hanging. So CNN focused on the effect of her threat, but not on the threat itself. But wait it gets… worse. The lede doesn’t even mention it:

(CNN)A Republican candidate running to challenge Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota had her Twitter account permanently suspended for repeated violations of Twitter rules, according to a Twitter spokesperson.

Danielle Stella says she was banned for a tweet in which she spread a baseless claim about Omar and said if the claim is true, Omar should be tried for treason and hanged, according to a post to her Facebook account. Two Twitter accounts of Stella’s have been suspended, her campaign confirmed to CNN.

How about, oh, “Republican Candidate’s Twitter Account Permanently Removed After Threatening To Hang Rep. Omar” for instance? Same number of words, clear statement of Actor, Action, Object, Outcome.

CNN is the worst.

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3 Responses to Bad Headlines: #CNN Fails Us Again

  1. This is the same CNN that posted a picture of Elizabeth Warren next to Karl Marx and expressed “surprise” that people thought that CNN was denigrating her, or you know calling her a ‘commie’.

    CNN is Fox Infotainment with slightly more truthiness.

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  2. Astamari says:

    The Crappy News Network has such sloppy standards that this crap is not surprising. But, as we know, the fish rots from the head down and Jeff Zucker stinks to the high heavens.

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  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Stella is a real piece of work, she has a shoplifting conviction and she’s a Qanon lunatic.


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