Mission: Accomplished

The Trump movers and the shakers in Action!

Hey guys, remember when Cadet Bone Spurs visited Afghanistan on Thanksgiving to throw paper towels, er, to serve the troops a photo-op, er dinner? It seems he also surprised everyone by trying to re-open talks with the Taliban after he threw away a year’s worth of negotiations in September!

“After abruptly axing nearly a year of delicate peace talks with the Taliban in September, President Trump put the negotiations back on the front-burner this week in a similarly jolting fashion by seeming to demand a cease-fire that his negotiators had long concluded was overly ambitious.

“Despite a sense of relief at the prospect of resuming talks to end the 18-year conflict, Western diplomats and Taliban leaders were scrambling to figure out whether Mr. Trump had suddenly moved the goal posts for negotiations. They were particularly confused by his remarks, made during an unannounced Thanksgiving visit to Afghanistan, that the United States was once again meeting with the Taliban to discuss a deal, but that ‘we’re saying it has to be a cease-fire.’

“Demanding a cease-fire would amount to a big shift in the American position and require a significant new concession from the Taliban — one that the Americans have little leverage to extract.

So Prznint Art of the Deal is back to demanding something that broke off the talks before. It’s not exactly Stratego!

“On Friday neither the Taliban nor the government of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani indicated that a cease-fire was near, or even being discussed in resumed U.S. negotiations.

“At the time the U.S.-Taliban talks ended, the two sides were preparing to sign a draft agreement that called for a reduction in violence. But it specifically declared that any discussion of a cease-fire was to be left to follow-on negotiations between the militants and the government in Kabul.

“In a statement, the Taliban said that remains its understanding. ‘We are ready to talk, but we have the same stance to resume the talks from where it was suspended,’ Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid told The Post. Ghani spokesman Sediq Seddiqi said Trump’s brief visit to Afghanistan was ‘important’ but that ‘we will have to see’ whether there has been any change in the status of peace talks.”

So he’s achieved exactly nothing, except a photo-op. Mission Accomplished!!1!

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13 Responses to Mission: Accomplished

  1. julesmomcat says:

    Useless piece of shit; total waste of oxygen.

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  2. w3ski4me says:

    I’d say the course of the impeachment left his handlers scrambling for at least a little distraction with some fake goodwill for the Holiday. Real Presidents do that kind of stuff, right?
    His buddies online seem to be making a great deal over this.
    Donny isn’ the serving type of course, so I wonder if he just stood in the way of the hungry soldiers or what? I hope he at least provided more than cold hamberders to our troops.
    As to some hairbrained negotiation, if it happened, it was pure bs on Donny’s part. They love the money they make on that war and Donny isn’t going to piss off the real money boys with any kind of peace.
    The impeachment seems to have brought many nitwits out from under their rocks to defend their “precious”. I can’t get a word in between the belchings of some of the wingers on some sites that were supposedly Democratic in nature.
    Nice to have this Oasis of rational thought and peace.

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    • Redhand says:

      some fake goodwill for the Holiday

      Not really. Listen to what this narcissistic cretin said to the troops to buck up their spirits when he was there. Hint: It was all about him.

      He’ll never be anything but a complete asshole, a fraud, and a criminal.

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  3. Well, wading in to a negotiation, with your (figurative, always!) big swinging dick and blowing it up, then wading in two weeks later and announcing you have the deal of the century (ie: what had already been agreed to two weeks earlier) might work with subcontractors in New Jersey…until they say fuck it, your money aint worth the hassle.

    It doesn’t even start to work with international agreements like this.

    He’s never actually had to pay attention to any deals his companies ever worked out because people always did that for him so he could swan in (with the FBSD) at the end and sign the deal “he” made. But that was back when there were people to insulate him from fucking up the process.

    Thanks to his Bannon-derived blow up everything then squat like a mad leper king in the rubble approach to running the Executive Branch…there ain’t no layer of insulation any more.

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  4. Dennis Cole says:

    So, America doesn’t negotiate with terrorists – except when we do. I can somewhat understand the reasoning behind these “peace talks;” we would definitely want sort of assurance they were gonna behave themselves once we left them on their own, but can they really be trusted? Can WE?
    Well, we assembled a well-seasoned group of negotiators, and turned them loose on the vaunted Taliban, so they could diddle each other, er try to make some sense out of conflicting directions from The Boss hisself, and come to some of agreement where we graciously allow them their continued existence, despite the fact we’ve had more than 18 years to conquer the unconquerable.
    Didn’t it take the Brits almost 200 years to admit the situation was far too complicated, and the “rebels” so resistant to laboring under foreign masters? Then them damned Rooskies came along, but they didn’t get any further with the native intransigeants than any other potential conquering force, and in less than two decades, withdrew in embarrassment. Of course the natives had a bit of help, with the US training and arming them and helping to disrupt supply lines.

    But here’s the part I don’t understand: why can’t we just leave, and wish everyone the best of luck? While trying to not have the door hit us in the ass on our way out. What’s the worst that could happen?

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    • w3ski4me says:

      According to what I have read, packing up (or not) and getting the heck out is the only thing that ever works with Afghanistan.

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    • Astamari says:

      I agree with getting out but a lot of Afghanistan women would definitely suffer as a result because there is no indication that the Taliban have softened their extreme Salafist ideology.


  5. MDavis says:

    They were particularly confused by his remarks,

    Yeah, that happens a lot with donnie.

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  6. Diane says:

    He’s all about photo ops. Nothing more. I did wonder if he was actually in Afghanistan or if this was staged.

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