Birds of a Feather

Indiana Jones say, “Always punch the Nazi”

I suppose nothing should shock me any longer, and yet…

Trump Tells Allies He Wants Absolved War Criminals to Campaign for Him

I keep wondering if somewhere in the back of his swiss-cheese brain, does he really think that Vets will flock to him if he pardons and pals around with war criminals? Is he really that demented that he sees it as a net positive? Is Wee Hands’ warped view of masculinity (and his own insecurity) such that this is heroic to his fans in the cult?

And what if he is right?

What if Possum Hollar is OK with bad guys who killed civilians and posed with their corpses because the victims were not lily white? What if Possum Hollar (not so secretly) wishes that they could do it too, and therefor feel akin to these murderers and villains?

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10 Responses to Birds of a Feather

  1. roket says:

    Damn straight Possum Hollar OK with it. Strangely enough, these very same people also believe that they’re #1 on the rapture list.

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    • Their god doesn’t take mud people.

      Remember, the Nazi’s belt buckles said ‘GOT MIT UNS’, and never ever forget that the entire impetus for the rise of the Evangelical Right was a fight against Brown v Topeka NOT Roe v Wade

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    • R White says:

      The cognitive disconnect is so great that those lobotomized denizens will give you blank stares if you mention their moral bankruptcy and hypocrisy as they faithfully protect the unborn while having no qualms against the promoting the death penalty.

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    • Aurora Silvermane says:

      This is essentially Trump advertising to all of Possum Holler and the New Confederacy that he condones and approves of lynching. The perpetrators are soldiers, whom Possum Holler loves to fetishize as holy servants akin to Jesus in their sacrifice. The victims are brown foreigners, who are guilty of being brown and foreign. This falls right in line with what his horde of ghouls wants to see. They’ll get worked up and scream for more, wishing they could be those soldiers in the pictures.

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  2. Diane says:

    I’ve always thought that trump would try to gather his own personal army (killers) in case he needed them. Maybe this is a part of it. Where’s Eric Prince been keeping himself?

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    • ali redford says:

      That’s what I’ve always suspected, too; he’d have to have his own coterie of trained killers.
      It’s been a few weeks now since I’ve seen anything about Eric Prince, and that was really about his sister, the current Ed. Secretary.

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  3. I saw this coming a mile away…the day he pardoned them all he was loud about how “…they train our boys how to kill, then prosecute them when they do!”

    Remember, the defining characteristic of his Possum Hollar base is “Making sure he’s hurting the people he’s supposed to be hurting”

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  4. R White says:

    It has been rumored that before getting a “You’re Fired” sentiment from cheeto jesus, the outgoing Naval Secretary had to remind FatNixon that the Navy SEALS are for finding and eliminating terrorists, not for digging up and exposing corruption on political opponents like Joe Biden. FFS

    And yet stenographers within the worthless beltway media like human oatmeal aka chuck todd, continue to speak of dems in disarray and the usefulness of impeachment instead of the dangerous implications of having a grifting, vulgar dolt as the chief executive.

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