Florida… Dog?

ABC News tells us just in time for #Wolfnoot Celebrations:

PORT SAINT LUCIE, Florida — In South Florida, neighbors in a cul-de-sac watched in awe as a car moved in circles in reverse for approximately an hour.

At first, it looked like there was no driver in the car in Port St. Lucie around 8:30 a.m. Thursday.

“First I thought I saw somebody backing up, but then they kept going and I’m like, ‘OK, what are they doing?”” neighbor Anne Sabol told WPBF-TV.

But video shows, if you looked closer, there was a driver – well, sort of. It was a dog.

“Then I saw the dog get out of the car, a big black lab or something, and I’m like, ‘This is turning weird,'” Sabol said.

But up until then, you know, same old.

Florida, please never change.

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5 Responses to Florida… Dog?

  1. ‘This is turning weird,’”

    What was your FIRST clue, Kreskin?

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  2. Astamari says:

    So that is one talented dog. Turning in a circle in reverse for an hour is hard. Also, yes, it’s Florida

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  3. sos says:

    You should see that dog paddle a canoe!

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  4. buckobear says:

    So now we have “Florida Dog?”


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