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So last night there was yet another Dems in Disarray Debate, held wherever in Georgia it is that Tyler Perry makes his Madea movies. Honestly, I hardly watched it and when I did, the swirling background made me feel vaguely sea-sick, not entirely unlike the Madea movies.

But I digress.

All the pundits had put down their Quatloos that Mayor Pete had a big target on his back, but generally speaking the only attack he received was from Tulsi Gabbard, who suggested that Mayor Pete was going to invade Mexico.

[Warren doesn’t have a plan for that.]

The moment I did watch was Corey Booker attacking Sen. Professor Warren’s Wealth Tax (which consists of a two percent tax on net worth above $50 million and a six percent tax on net worth above $1 billion, which not surprisingly is very popular with we little people, and not so much with the plutocrats), and he attacked it with gusto and vigor. Not surprisingly he ended the night asking for donations so he could be in the next debate. These things might be connected, who can say?

As I did not watch much else, the rest is hearsay from the morning email thingies. First up, Axios:

  • Harris, who slid in the polls after Gabbard attacked her in the second debate, finally hit back: “I think that it’s unfortunate that we have someone on this stage … who during the Obama administration spent four years full time on Fox News criticizing President Obama.”
  • Klobuchar, who had a strong night positioning herself as a practical, but compassionate alternative to Warren and Sanders, highlighted the higher standard that women running for president are held to, adding: “If you think a woman can’t beat Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi does it every single day.”
  • Joe Biden, who is still atop most national polls, had numerous embarrassing gaffes, but still showed command on important issues like foreign policy. Axios’ Margaret Talev notes that the wide swing of Biden highs and lows really underscored why he remains a frontrunner, but with significant vulnerabilities.

Let’s move on to Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!):

 “Pete Buttigieg came into Wednesday night’s debate bracing for an onslaught that never came. Yes, Amy Klobuchar and Tulsi Gabbard questioned his experience. Cory Booker dinged the young mayor’s resume, pointing out that he’s the ‘other Rhodes scholar mayor on the stage’ and warning voters against picking a Democratic nominee with an ‘inauthentic’ connection to African American voters — a bloc that has largely ignored Buttigieg’s upstart where Buttigieg has failed to gain traction.

The Pod Save Whatevs guys email thingie:

Tonight’s panel of all women moderators asked strong questions on all fronts, but it was not a coincidence that some of the most interesting questions were about previously under-covered areas in debates, such as childcare, paid family leave, and reproductive health. Kamala Harris detailed her plan for paid family leave and Amy Klobuchar stated that she would codify Roe v. Wade into law.

On the topic of abortion, Elizabeth Warren was asked if there’s room for people who don’t support abortion rights in the Democratic Party—specifically anti-choice Gov. John Bel Edwards, who was just re-elected in Louisiana. Instead of taking the bait, Warren emphasized that the Democratic party fundamentally stands for “protecting the right of a woman to be able to make decisions about her own body,” and that that’s what she will fight for.

I think that the ten (10!) candidates on stage were generally in a good mood following the #ITMFA hearings.

We missed a chance to say goodbye to Miramar Mayor Wayne Messam; we did not realize that he was running. We regret the error.

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2 Responses to About Last Night…

  1. No Messam around, how did one stay so obscure with a name like that? Never heard of him before yet I miss him already. Gabbard stunk like a rancid, c-diff leaking, Trojan horse for the Russian owned right-wing extremists. Everyone else did their supporters proud. Great night.

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  2. robginchicago says:

    The cameras seemed to go in for really tight shots on Sen. Amy Klobuhar every time she spoke; close-up/tight shots seemingly more often than the other candidates on stage. These close-ups seemed to accentuate what appeared to be tremors, and watching that shock of her hair that swept down over her right eye bouncing and twitching as she spoke, was pretty distracting. Close-ups (and live microphones) are not Joe Biden’s friend either. I would have much preferred to see Julian Castro on that stage instead of Tulsi Gabbard. Tom Steyer is a much better commercial pitch man than political debater, and pretty much revealed himself as an empty suit when it came to discussing issues.I really do like his commercials, though. Andrew Yang was the only one on that stage I’d really like to have a few shots of bourbon with; a really interesting guy with untraditional ideas who should be on the speed dial of any eventual Democratic President. I’ve not seen such an attractive and diverse choice of candidates for a Democratic Party Presidential campaign, ever! Among the top tier candidates, I’d be satisfied if any one of them were the candidate picked to do battle with Trump.


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