And How Are The Children Holding Up?

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Now that we’ve reported on Ivanka’s astounded success, we must give some equal opportunity and valuable blog real estate to the other of the Russian Usurper’s squirts (eww, gross!), who have reliably been Tweeting during the impeachment hearing while Daddy has been busy doing his day job (Tweeting).

Eric Trump Joins a Biker Gang!

We begin with our Li’l Buddy, Erick, whose Fidgit Spinner must have been in the shop:

“I want to watch Spiderman!,” Eric didn’t wail.

“Are there going to be explosions,” Eric didn’t ask. “I like it when things blow up!”

And speaking of his brother, we move on to Junior Mints, who is taking time off from his disaster book tour with his emotional support cougar to Tweet:

He’s a chip off the ol’ blockhead, innit he?

But my favorite Tweet:

…said no one, ever.

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3 Responses to And How Are The Children Holding Up?

  1. roket says:

    Um, I have questions for Gym Jordan.


  2. MDavis says:

    Aid release was delayed for 55 days because why, then?
    Say it again, Gym, “in that 55 days during which the aid was not released… “.


  3. Sirius Lunacy says:

    “in that 55 days during which the aid was not released… “ xx number of Ukrainian soldiers were killed by Russian tanks and xx number of Ukrainian civilians were killed by Russian tanks. We’ll probably never know the actual numbers but are certainly numbers there.

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