Clue: Wrong-Again Rudy, Under the Bus, Butt-Dialing

They say that the camera shows your soul.

Axios morning email thingie tells us that the Republicans plan to throw Rudy Giuliani, Comrade Stupid’s second-stupidest lawyer (Sorry Rudy™), under the bus during the impeachment hearings (if need be?):

Top House Republican sources tell Axios’ Jonathan Swan and me that one impeachment survival strategy will be to try to distance President Trump from any Ukraine quid pro quo, with Rudy Giuliani potentially going under the bus.

  • A Republican member of one of the impeachment committees told Swan: “[T]his is not an impeachment of Rudy Giuliani, it’s not an impeachment of Ambassador Sondland. It’s an impeachment of the president of the United States.”
  • “So the point is as long as this is a step removed, he’s in good shape. … If it’s a step removed from the president, he doesn’t lose any Republicans in the House.”

A top House GOP leadership aide told me: “Substance is focus. [The co-leadoff witness, Bill] Taylor says [he had a] ‘full understanding.’ But from who? Not POTUS. That’s big.”

  • An uber-connected Republican added: “Rudy will be cut loose because he was rogue.”

So things are not going well for Rudy, but at least he has his Podcast to fall back on, amirite?


Giuliani told ProPublica that the podcast grew out of discussions with The Hill’s owner, Jimmy Finkelstein, a Republican and longtime friend who served as a fundraiser for Giuliani’s failed 2008 presidential run.
“I was talking to Jimmy about a podcast that didn’t happen,” Giuliani said in an email, adding that “John Solomon was just trying to help Jimmy get it done.”
Solomon repeatedly declined to comment, saying, “I refer you to The Hill for any matters involving Hill business.”
He said he had no formal business relationship with Giuliani.
“He has never had anything to do with my personal or private business, at all. He does not now, nor will he ever,” Solomon said.
The Hill, confirming the Giuliani discussions, said it was planning to create a “podcast network with a multitude of political voices from all sides.”
Giuliani said he was “never paid” for his podcast work. “I continue to believe that your interest in this is not legitimate,” he said in emails to ProPublica. “Don’t ever try to give me bull I’ve been around too long. This is a hit job on a perfectly legitimate situation.”

And amusingly, Wrong-Again Rudy sent a picture to John Solomon, entitled “Smoke Filled Room Pre-Game Ritual” with no other explanation:

Wrong-Again Rudy is the king of butt-dialers!

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9 Responses to Clue: Wrong-Again Rudy, Under the Bus, Butt-Dialing

  1. purplehead says:

    So, just whose purse is that on the chair, hmmmm?

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  2. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. The House Republicans will have trouble with this. Ambassador Taylor has testified his staff member over heard tRump asking about the investigations and what he wanted from the Ukrainian president. It will be hard to distance tRump from his own voice on the phone. Also both witnesses are hammering the point home that Putin really wanted a weakened Ukraine forced to negotiate from a position of great weakness, which the withholding of US military aid would put Ukraine in. Hugs

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  3. YellowDog says:

    You forgot his claim to be a cybersecurity “expert,” who had to go to the Apple store to unlock his phone. Why didn’t he just sit on it?

    We used to call Rudy’s condition “diarrhea of the mouth.” He thinks that he is Keyser Söze and that spinning all kinds of tales will confuse the investigators.

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