What’s Bolton’s Angle?

Says it all

The NYTimes front-pages (is too a vurb!)  that former national security adviser John Bolton knows “many relevant meetings and conversations” that investigators haven’t uncovered yet.

Bolton also said he would file a lawsuit if issued a subpoena, so mixed signals here, amiright?

So maybe it’s a double-dog dare? What’s his angle?

  • Stalling tactic to throw the Impeachment hearings off schedule?
  • He wants to throw Trump under the bus?
  • He’s a double-agent who wants to save Trump (Unlikely, but still possible. Bolton is nothing if not a company man.)

So here’s the tell: by Monday the Republicans are supposed to turn in their list of witnesses. If Bolton is on it (and doesn’t have the same lawsuit for a subpoena gambit), then he’s a Trojan Horse’s ass.

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6 Responses to What’s Bolton’s Angle?

  1. Redhand says:

    Really hard to know what his game is. What I know is that I don’t trust him. I do think he well and truly hates Trump both as a criminal and a lunatic and believes the MHSG has surrounded himself with despicable and easily corruptible toadies, e.g. Barr, Mulvaney, and Pompeo to name a few. And there’s no question that he wanted no part of the Ukraine “drug deal.” which is quite the turn of phrase, BTW.

    I suspect he definitely wants to throw Trump under the bus, but he wants the protective cover of a court order. For the present. the “many other conversations” messaging is a clear sign to the GOP Congress critters that Trump is poison and should go. Revenge is sweet, etc.

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  2. I keep expecting one of these people to leap up and scream “Hail Hydra!!!” at some point.

    As for Bolton, D. All of the above is always a viable answer for the Mustache of War.

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  3. julesmomcat says:

    I wouldn’t trust that S.O.B. to tell us the time of day.


  4. eggs ackly-wright says:

    He’s got a book to sell. Why give the info away for free?


  5. roket says:

    He will tell us if we bomb Iran.


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