Today In History

The 2000 Goat Rodeo of Chimpy McStagger v Al Gore concluded and then the stealing began, and essentially we ended up where we are today because of that shit show then.

On this date, next year,365 days from now, we vote to defeat The Russian Usurper. Let’s change the course of history peeps.

Dawg Save Us All.

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  1. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. I was in Florida in Palm Beach County with the disastrous “butterfly ballet”. What a nightmare of confusion to figure out. Add to that our older populations and it is a wonder we did not elect Castro. That said the fake outrage that the Republicans bused in to shut the vote recount down by scaring the shit out of the people doing the counting before the SCOTUS decided totally on a political bias that the voters in Florida had no right to vote and they decided the winner. After the Bush was sworn in it was determined that Gore won Florida, it was a good size win and Al Gore should have been president. But even then the Democrats played fair and by the rules, the Republicans acted like thugs and cheated so they won. We may want to learn from that. Hugs

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      Hi, Scottie – Didn’t Gore at that point call for an end to any more recounts, concede, and then slink off to obscurity, and even when he was told the results of that last recount, declined any further action? Things today would be wildly different if he had protested and prevailed…

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      • Scottie says:

        Hello Dennis. After the Republicans staged the “brooks bothers riot” Al Gore was still fighting. But if my memory is correct when the SCOTUS made a weird totally partisan ruling saying that “this time only, the people in Florida do not have the right to vote for their president, and only this time” Gore bowed out. Later I read he did it to try to save the nation and the peaceful transfer of power that our democracy has stood for. I do not know how true that statement is, or what was really happening. But the fact is Bush shouldn’t have been the president and the SCOTUS interfered in the election to designate the president. We all know how that worked out. Hugs

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      • MDavis says:

        Like Scottie said, the way I remember it is Gore pushed for the recount to continue until all the votes were counted until the SCOTUS ruled that the recount stops, FL goes to Bush. Too bad they didn’t rule that Florida votes didn’t count due to how big of a mess the whole thing was, starting even before both George Jr and Sr started working the phones (I guess that is what the kids are calling “calling in the fix”, now, huh?) after the polls closed and the exit poll results were announced. If they had just thrown out Florida, then Gore, again, would have been elected.

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  2. R White says:

    4,600 US servicemen and women along with millions of Iraqis are still dead due to president cheney’s illegal war for oil and MIC profits as neither he nor the dry-drunk coke fiend W. are in jail for their actions. But according to Ellen, W. is a lovable, funny homophobe who paints. Cannot wait for the hollywood millionaires club to ‘rehab’ derp führer in about a decade or so. /s

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    • Scottie says:

      Hello R White. Those war criminals were at least circumstance about mentioning why they were in the middle east. Yet tRump proudly talks of taking the oil, and of reassigning troops to safe guard the oil for US companies. Isn’t that a war crime also? We were not invited in, the current government doesn’t want us there, and it is illegal under international law for us to “take their oil”.!

      As for the Ellen and Bush thing. I do not think anyone can be forgiven until until they admit their guilt. Until they acknowledge they screwed up then how to forgive them. Plus to ask forgiveness is one thing, but to get forgiveness it must be granted from those that were hurt.

      I am a childhood physical and sexual abuse survivor. There is no way I can forgive or absolve people whose attacks were against anyone else. I can accept and admire people who have changed and grant them their due.

      This is why I think Ellen’s push back on this is wrong. Bush never admitted any mistake or any consequences for his decisions / actions. Until an abuser admits what they did and takes responsibility there can not be healing. Hugs

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      • R White says:

        Simply put, it is one overrated multi-millionaire covering for another multi-millionaire who failed upwards. Or as George Carlin used to say: There is a club that ellen and W. belong to and you and I ain’t in it.

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  3. Shirley J. Clark says:

    I thought the 2020 election would be on Nov.3. One year from today, Nov. 7 will be a Saturday

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  4. JTO says:

    The Republicans are even better at what they do – they have learned – since 2000.We back then, when I was just a political pup – we knew that Republicans only needed elections to be close enough to steal.
    Each election, each step of the way, has expanded just how close it has to be to steal. This isn’t a game a darts or shuffleboard anymore, it is horseshoes. Now, because of:
    Gerrymander and Redistricting.
    Voter ID and Disenfranchisement
    Packing Supreme and Federal Courts with hyperpartisans
    Census – discounting immigrants and undercounting minorities
    Right-wing media consolidation
    It looks like Trump – who’s popularity ceiling after 3 years is never higher than the low 40s, will be able to pull out a win while losing the popular vote by 7 million. A life-long criminal, Serial sex offender with 35% approval stands even odds of being re-elected. And that is without taking into consideration ‘non-functioning voting booths’ wait lines in Panhandle Florida counties, closed polling stations, ID-checks which will depress vote turnout and vote Count in Novermber 2020.
    “Close enough to steal” now means a Republican name on the ballot – in far too many Places.

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