Saddle-up Another Goat!

Michael Bloomberg set to enter Democratic presidential primary

“We need another billionaire centrist candidate” said no one, ever.

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11 Responses to Saddle-up Another Goat!

  1. Oh HELL nah!

    Go fund a bunch of state legislature races and take your pal Steyer along with you. Hey Andrew Yang? instead of eveing everyone in America “One beelyun quatloos a thousand bucks, how about giving every Democratic candidate in the country one thousand dollars?

    I’m giving money to candidates in half dozen states, not just AZ! But I’m not a rich billionaire, so it’s $50 here, $25 there… You all could add three zeros to those numbers…

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  2. I’m still game for choices.
    Also still kinda holding out hope that Jon Stewart’ll decide to run.

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  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Let him fix the goddamn Republican Party if he is so afraid of paying taxes.

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  4. It was all so damned stupid but Wohl’s pathetic attempt to portray President Senator Professor Warren as some steely gimlet-eyed dominatrix actually gets currency when you hear all the ‘Master of the Universe’ plutocraps whinge and cower and piss their pants over her winning and maybe they have to pay more taxes.

    I’d remind them that unlike a guillotine, Mistress President Senator Professor Warren will leave them with their original height intact, if not erect… (IFYKWIMAITYD)

    Also we already had our statutory “I wuz mayor of Noo Yawk Cit-ay bitches!” candidate…and he’s gone now…

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  5. Infidel753 says:

    What’s his base of support supposed to be? Yeah, he’s got a shitload of money, but I’m trying to imagine who would actually want him to be president and I’m coming up pretty much empty.

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  6. Astamari says:

    I’ve commented elsewhere on BloomCountyberg’s Bill the Cat maybe candidacy (he’ll back out again like last time). But what I want to say is that Tengrain is the King of hilarious goat videos. (Of course, goats are inherently funny.) I’ve spent a lot of time with sheep (nooo, not that) and they are far stupider and boring than goats.

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  7. The Ghost of Pat Paulsen would be a better candidate.

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  8. R White says:

    Bloomberg is just showing everyone else what us progressives have been saying all along: That a growing number of parasitic boomer billionaires are scared sh*tless about the prospect of either a Warren or Sanders Presidency whereby they will have to pay up a percentage of their ill gotten gains, monies that neither they nor their inbred offspring will ever be able to spend in multiple lifetimes. His election slogan should be “Don’t touch my stuff.” What an overrated a**hole.

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