Death and Taxes, Revisited

A 3-judge federal appeals court unanimously decided that Prznint McGrifter must turn over eight years’ worth of tax returns –something he at one point promised to release!

So naturally, the White House will to take the fight to the SCOTUS where it will be decided by 5 Republicans playing Quarters, or perhaps Zoom Schwartz Profigliano since they are wordsy guys. Only guessing, of course, that the Virgin Mayor of Keg City will set the rules.

And here’s the thing: If the case does land in the Supreme Court, it probably would happen at the height of the 2020 Goat Rodeo. Heh.

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6 Responses to Death and Taxes, Revisited

  1. w3ski4me says:

    I was never a “law and order” kind of person. I felt more connected to those skirting certain laws. But I do wish we had some law and order now at least for the government. As far as I was taught, a President doesn’t get to make his own rules as he goes along. And the courts were supposed to be neutral or at least on the surface be interested in actual Justice.
    We have in just 3 years become a banana republic.
    And to make it worse, all the real “law and order” types are just fine with the fat fuhrer bypassing our laws.
    What kind of a hole have we dug now, and is there any way out of it? I for one am not sure voting can even work for us anymore.
    Scary times.

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  2. Boris says:

    As one (minor) wit put it:

    Gotta luv it: @BrettKavanaugh's gonna need at least a keg and a passed-out sorority sister before ruling on Drumpf’s taxes. And even then he'll prolly cry like a baby again.— Nick Charalambides (@Thin_Man) November 4, 2019

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  3. roket says:

    Perhaps they will consider that whatever they decide will also apply to the next Democratic President.

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