‘Oops,’ Said Faceberg

Comrade Faceberg

It seems a side industry has sprung up overnight setting House Odds on when Faceberg is going to flip-flop and follow Twitter’s Jack Dorsey to outright ban political ads:

I dunno Kara, getting money out of Faceberg’s clenched fists is theoretically possible, I guess? It’s theoretically possible that Rush Limbaugh has seen his toes over his gut, too, though highly doubtful.

Comrade Stupid’s 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale started off laughing at Twitter:

…but if Swisher is right (and she often is), this will throw the 2020 Russian Usurper’s campaign into a tail spin. As we all know, the 4th Reich depends upon targeted Facebook ads to shape views and raise money; Facebook is Possum Hollar’s town paper, just as Fox News is their teevee station. Where will the Orcs and Minions get their conspiracy theories and organize those MASSIVE PROTESTS of 12 or so people on the Mall?

Parscale has mastered using Facebook’s precision-targeting to raise money, stir-up the yokels to scream  “WITCH HUNT,” and to sell straws to own the Libtards (along with red hats and other fascist garb). He’s also already spent millions of Ameros, and that buys A LOT of targeted ads.

Tim Murtaugh, Comrade Stupid’s 2020 Communications Director is now sweating the possible loss of Facebook as a propaganda tool at all. Pay no attention to the sharks smelling blood:

“We’ve always known that President Trump was too successful online and that Democrats would one day seek to wipe him off the Internet.”

He’s got the Baghdad Bob impression down stone cold, huh! But I digress.

“That’s why we’ve invested so heavily in building up our data to allow us to communicate with millions of voters away from any third-party platforms like Facebook.”

That’s the tell. They are worried about Facebook shutting them out, so like a common Cambridge Analytica they’ve harvested data from Facebook users. Notice how he doesn’t back up that claim with anything, tho?

“Democrats demanding internet platforms shut down political advertising will guarantee Trump’s victory in 2020. They’re idiots.”

Back to Baghdad Bob! Damn, he’s good.

But here’s the final thought: if this happens and Faceberg folds to follow Twitter in banning political ads, it will not be because of the Democrats. Faceberg hisself clearly holds Dems in contempt and probably because they have not paid to play on his platform the same way that Putin has.


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3 Responses to ‘Oops,’ Said Faceberg

  1. Antisocial Socialist says:

    “When we humans interact with internet platforms, we think we are looking at car videos and posts from friends in a simple news feed. What few people know is that behind the news feed is a large and advanced artificial intelligence. When we check a news feed, we are playing multidimensional chess against massive artificial intelligences that have nearly perfect information about us. The goal of the AI is to figure out which content will keep each of us highly engaged an monetizable. Success leads the AI to show us more content like whatever engaged us in the past. For the 1.47 billion users who check Facebook every day, reinforcement of beliefs, every day for a year or two, will have an effect. Not on every user in every case, but on enough users in enough situations to be both effective for advertising and harmful to democracy.”

    Roger McNamee, Zucked (2019), pp. 90-91

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  2. MDavis says:

    When does twitter’s poliAd ban go into effect? Looks like Parscale slipped an ad into his tweet without any problem at all.
    ~Capt. Obvious’s Sidekick

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    • tengrain says:

      Late this month, I think. They have to finish writing the policy first and then implement it so no one sues. And you know, Know, KNOW he will.



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