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That’s anti-LGBTQ activist Brian Brown on the far right (the one who looks like an over-stuffed sausage), late of NOM, and now from International Organization for the Family (IOF) pal’ing around with Justices Alito and Brett Kavanaugh and high-ranking Catholic Church official Gerhard Müller. You’ll never guess why!

From IOF’s website:

“This past week, I had the distinct honor of accompanying Cardinal Müller and Princess Gloria at a number of important meetings in Washington. Certainly a major highlight of our meetings was the opportunity to spend time with Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito and Brett Kavanaugh.”

Brown has been trying for years now to shove gay people back in the closet and has made a career of trying to get the Supreme Court to overturn its 2015 Obergefell decision; he’s also on the front lines of trying to get Roe overturned, too.

It looks like he’s finally got someone’s ear.

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  1. Abu Scooter says:

    This is a good place to point out that Vladimir Putin’s imperial strategy doesn’t just involve destabilizing the West—it also includes passing off right-wing “family values” as those of the imperial Russia that Putin is trying to build. Back when it was the World Congress of Families, the IOF got a very warm reception when it held its conference in Moscow.

    If the term “World Congress of Families” sounds familiar, then you’ve either read Jeff Sharlet’s extensive research on The Family, or you’ve seen Netflix’s recent 5-hour documentary based on his work. The IOF and the Family are two very different organizations, but they share an awful lot of malevolent goals. “Jesus plus zero,” indeed.

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  2. Diane says:

    Right, because LGBTQ is unacceptable, but sexual assault, forced birth and pedophilia are acceptable.

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    • ming says:

      Seriously, fuck those guys.

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    • julesmomcat says:

      As I am wont to remind the Buy-Bull thumpers – according to their B.S. fairy-tale book, Jesus wandered around Galilee for three years, accompanied by 12 men, NO wives, girlfriends, concubines, etc. Then, at the Last Supper, he told them, “Love ye, one another, even as I have loved you.” Now, you can’t tell me none of them ever got horny during those 3 years, so the conclusion is obvious: Jesus and his disciples were all GAY.

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  3. mamadillo says:

    Not to be uncharitable but who the fuck is Princess Gloria, and are those sneakers she’s wearing under the long skirt? I wonder if Kavanaugh wet his pants afterward. Back in the late 70’s through the early 90’s I spent 17+ years doing abortion-rights politics for a living. Every time I think I’ve finally managed to stop having spasmodic gut reactions to certain people and events it starts up all over again. Time to go raid the Halloween leftovers.

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  4. Astamari says:

    Princess Gloria? Is she the ruler of the Duchy of Grand Fenwick? Then we have Justices “Lies!” Alito and Bart the Boofer. What a collection of losers.

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  5. donnah says:

    Where’s a good lightning strike when you need one?

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  6. Buttermilk Sky says:

    It’s a long time since I read “The Crying of Lot 49” but I’m pretty sure the Princess of Thurn and Taxis was made up by Thomas Pynchon. Nice try, “Gloria.”

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