Bill* Barr Blows

Bill Barr Blows

Axios morning email thingie gives us a very terse hint of things to come:

The Justice Department has shifted its review of the origins of the FBI’s Russia probe to a criminal investigation, AP reports, confirming the N.Y. Times.

  • Why it matters: The designation gives prosecutors the ability to issue subpoenas, impanel a grand jury, compel witnesses to give testimony and bring federal criminal charges

It’s not a surprise that Bill ‘Low’ Barr is a company man, and that company is Grift Inc these days, and turning the probe of the Mueller investigation into a criminal inquiry will ensure that the 4th Reich can grab headlines away from the impeachment hearing. But Her Emails II: Electric Boogaloo is sure to follow.

And as others have pointed out, there’s a self-serving motive for Barr, too: Amb. Taylor’s testimony the other day implicated Barr in the whole Squid-Pro-Quo scheme (from page 11):

We also discussed the possibility that the Ukrainian Prosecutor General, rather than President Zelensky, would make a statement about investigations, potentially in coordination with Attorney General Barr’s probe into the investigation of interference in the 2016 elections.

Barr is as crooked an Attorney General as we’ve ever had (except of course when we had him the first time during Poppy Bush’s Iran-Contra debacle), so he knows this road.

 *Previous version had Bob Barr! my bad!

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  1. This is seriosuly dangerous territory for a nominal democracy….using the DOJ to punish your political enemies is straight-up authoritarianism.

    Listening for the howls of outrage for those freedumb&libertee lovin’ libertarian-republicans like Rand Paul and that whole FreeDumb Caucus at this simply outrageous abuse of power.


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  2. donnah says:

    This worries me. Barr is now a super power and he is going after Biden, Comey, McMaster, Obama, and anyone else who was involved in the Russia probe. Trump must be jittery with anticipation of his enemies being charged criminally. And with Barr out front doing the dirty work, there is no way to slow him down.

    This seems serious to me. I hope it’s not, but I’m afraid it has new reinforcement as a criminal prosecution. Schiff and Nadler claimed it’s another smokescreen, but it seems to be gathering steam.

    Also, f*ck Barr.

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    • Yeah, this is , what’s that word, Stalinesque.

      Trump (and handlers) has been steadily purging the Executive branch of anyone considered an enemy, witness hollowing out the State Department, USDA decimating their scientific staff, and now criminal investigation into a duly authorized Special Prosecutor’s investigation in the furtherance of a completely fictional conspiracy theory to prove the President’s allegiance to a foreign power! and purge non-loyal federal intelligence and law enforcement personnel; all while building a dedicated cadre of shock troops who are completely on his side.

      (ICE and Border patrol, for one. Don’t forget, 2/3rds of ALL AMERICANS live within the 100 mile border zone in which ICE and BP have, essentially, free reign to stop, harass, and detain people on the pretext that they believe they’re not legal immigrants or citizens.

      And don’t discount the irregular Brownshirts, all the ‘Patriot’ militia types, and stochastic terrorists he’s breeding like cockroaches in this country. )

      Along with the defenses that le ‘etat c’est Trump that his lawyers are throwing out, and the stacking of the federal judiciary and Supreme court with reactionary right-wing judges who appear to agree with that concept, I think we’re seriously getting into hair on fire territory.

      The more I think about the the more I think that Schiff and Nadler don’t understand that this isn’t a smokescreen, it’s the first inkling of the raging inferno to come.

      This is TERRIFYING. This has gone beyond “If you ever wondered what you would have done in 1930’s Germany, what you’re doing right now is it.” to “If you ever wondered what you would have done in 1930’s Soviet Union, WHAT YOU’RE DOING RIGHT NOW IS IT.”

      For the first time, I’m starting to really worry about the 2020 election being openly and widely corrupted or even canceled, and demonstrations being met with serious force. Trump loves him some authoritarian “riot” control.

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      • MDavis says:

        I just saw a comment that the Federal courts are part of the Executive branch. I’m not sure if it’s someone who thinks it;s supposed to be that way or someone warning that it’s not supposed to be that way – but it is.

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      • tengrain says:

        BDR (and others) –

        I know I’m the Pollyanna of MPS when I say I don’t believe that The Russian Usurper is a mastermind behind the creeping authoritarianism that we all see. I continue to think that he is an undisciplined dope, incapable of executing a plan. But that does not mean that he is not getting something out of all the chaos, and generally it is money.

        That said, I recognize that my belief might be a distinction without a difference.

        The thing that I try to do, is to ask myself who is a Russian Asset vs. who is a Useful Idiot. The distinction is that an asset knows that they are betraying the US because they are in thrall to Russia for whatever reason.

        It’s like the old, early internet game of Lesbian or German Tourist Lady!

        • Trump is a Useful Idiot, I don’t think he could take an order and act on it to save his life. He’s a tool, but the calculus is that he gets to raid the treasury if he plays along with whoever is directing traffic.
        • Mike Pence – is also a tool, and he’s objectively ruthless. I don’t know if he’s an asset or a useful idiot, but I suspect he’s behind a lot of the machinations. I don’t trust him at all, about anything.
        • Bill Barr – I don’t know if he’s an asset, but he sure is driving a lot of the Stalinesque activities. I’m guessing the fact that he will not prosecute or allow the FBI to investigate any of Trump’s obvious crimes is part of his carrot-stick control of him.
        • Amply be-chinned Mitch – probably an asset, clearly someone has bought him. How does he get to be a multi-millionaire many times over on a public servant’s salary, not including Elaine Chao’s obvious graft.
        • Lindsey Graham – I don’t know that the Russians have Kompromat on him, but he sure acts like it. Potential asset.
        • Miller is a dyed in the wool fascist. I think he’s an end justifies the means creep and could easily be an asset because it would be in his idealogical favor.

        Anyway, you can go down the hierarchy and make a prediction about Asset or Idiot, and I think in some ways it helps to take away some of the fear or alternately reinforce it. I don’t think anyone left in the 4th Reich is particularly innocent or they would have quit by now, terrified.



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      • (Actually replying to tengrain, not me)

        Of the folks you list Bill Barr has been pursuing an unabashedly authoritarian dream of an all-powerful Emperor-President since the Reagan years I’d classify him as ‘Fellow Traveler’ rather than Asset or Useful Idiot. He wants to create the American Putin; something Putin doesn’t actually mind, I think, because ‘honor among thieves’ and all that. A world of Gangster States, not Nation States.

        This is why Barr was so damned eager to get the AG job.

        And you’re right Miller is most def the Reinhard Heydrich of the bunch.

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  3. YellowDog says:

    It’s Bill “Low” Barr. Bob Barr is a different idiot.

    It’s hard to keep track without a program of grifters, idiots, and RWNJ’s.

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  4. laura says:

    What crime/s are being investigated?
    Maybe someone should ask the AG.

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  5. MDavis says:

    But Barr doesn’t believe in honoring subpoenas.
    Did he ever show up for this, or did he totally blow it off.

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  6. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    It’s weird that the DOJ and the three letter agencies are in open conflict.

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    • MDavis says:

      Must remember this. It should be weird. It should be weird. It’s weird.

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    • It’s not between the DOJ and the other TLA’s, it’s a purge of people who aren’t trump loyalists, being lead by the Trump loyalist in charge of the DOJ.

      Barr is quite possibly the most dangerous-to-America person in the US government today, because he’s been planning for this since the 70’s and 80’s.

      That speech he gave at Notre Dame is a preview of the Republic of Gilead United States he envisions.

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      • donnah says:

        I agree that Barr is incredibly dangerous and he’s got the sly intelligence and determination to get what he wants, unlike Trump, who’s a damned egomaniac with no cognitive skills whatsoever.

        And don’t forget Moscow Mitch, who has also been planning a Republican stronghold on the Congress for decades. He has worked very hard to get the underlying structure built for Conservatism so it can last for decades.

        Combined with the overly ambitious crew that rode Trump’s coattails into office, McConnell and Barr are poised to establish the party as one of the most powerful groups to ever challenge our democracy.

        While it’s good that these plans are coming to light and it’s clear that we’re being sabotaged from within, I don’t want to keep standing by without trying to stop them. I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say we’re in danger. I just hope we can stop it.

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  7. Pyed says:

    Warning! You are now entering the Byzantine State of America.

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  8. GLEN TOMKINS says:

    Well, there goes any threat to the president from impeachment or legal action. Most witnesses will start changing their tune to whatever story the administration demands from them if the alternative is criminal prosecution. The few willing to face jail will be contradicted by those not willing to be heroes and martyrs for democracy. Judges will become sympathetic to administration legal arguments. Legislators will have to fear quite a bit more than being primaried if they fail to understand the president’s every action as “perfect”.

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