Oh, Canada, Part Deux

The Globe and Mail tells us that Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party will “govern with a strong minority” after a victory in last night’s Canadian federal elections:

“Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have retained enough seats to govern with a strong minority in the House of Commons as the result of a robust showing in Ontario, bringing an end to an acrimonious campaign and ushering in the uncertainty of a divided Parliament and a country split along regional lines.

“The Liberals face significant challenges as they enter their second mandate: They won the most seats in the House, but lost the popular vote to the Conservatives. About 6.2-million Canadian voters – or 34.4 per cent – chose Mr. Scheer’s party over the 5.9-million voters – or 33.1 – cent – who opted for Mr. Trudeau’s Liberals.

“They were shut out in Alberta and Saskatchewan.”

Oh, dear, I didn’t know that Canada had a Possum Hollar problem, too/aussi.

Anyway, it means that M. Trudeau will be around to go to the Bed Bug Summit where’er Prznint Stupid decides to host, er, grift it, and Mel will get that dreamy look in her vulpine eyes again.

Or the First Shady, for that matter:

…and I’m not betting on which one makes Comrade Horndog more upset.

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8 Responses to Oh, Canada, Part Deux

  1. mr perfect says:

    Yes we do have a possum holler problem in Canada. Rebel flags are visible in the oil patch of northern Alberta.

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  2. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. Look at the last picture with Ivanka and Trudeau I could hear her thinking ” Why couldn’t Jared be a man like that…”? Hugs


  3. moeman says:

    The large urban/suburban vote in Canada’s large cities voted overwhelmingly centre-left (Liberals, NDP, Green and to a degree Bloc). Alberta/Saskatchewan drove out their vote and like other mainly rural areas are the base of the Cons. Alberta’s Premier absolutely hates Trudeau, as does the Federal Con leader Scheer, who just minutes ago laid back into his hate speech. 65%+ of Canadians favour a centre-left position and I think the minority can exist in a working coalition. The Liberals campaigned well with positivity and a great platform BUT did not get out a higher voting number than the last election. This needs to be fixed but we have 4 years of working with those that want a better Canada. I wish the best to my American neighbours for 2020. Peace.

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  4. moeman says:

    … and I’d like to thank TG and the Scissorheads for their interest in where Canada stands on the global scale. I’ve been a Liberal since the age of 14 (now 57) and worked for many Ministers and Prime Ministers. I’ve fought the Séparatistes and the Mulroney/Harper Cons with great gusto to keep my Canada as one of the best all-around countries in the world.

    Fun fact; as a tech for the Party, I set up the first ever PowerBook laptop to a printer (StyleWriter) on the Liberal campaign bus in the mid 1990s. We’d be on various stops, receive faxes (Google it young ScissorHeads) and print them out for candidates to make public (media) comments.

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  5. tengrain says:

    Moeman –

    Last night I spent an hour online trying to understand how parliamentary systems work, and frankly, it is so confusing for a simple American bumpkin such as myself, and then I hit the monarchy aspect and was lost in the weeds.

    I was surprised to learn that my year in the South Pacific was spent in large part in the Commonwealth. Who knew?

    Anyway, it is a round-about way of saying thank-you for distilling Canadian politics down to the essentials so I can grasp it, kinda.



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  6. Astamari says:

    I had a Canadian friend back in the day who said a common nickname for the Globe and Mail was the “Mop and Pail”. Heh. Alberta and Saskatchewan are similar to WY, ID and the Dakotas, pretty solidly right wing and, of course, the Alberta Tar Sands are Canada’s gift to the climate crisis.

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  7. Pyed says:

    Ivanka’s Vulcan mind-control keeps glancing off while Melanoma is about to shapeshift into an anaconda to perform hypnotizing patterns on the dirt, but all to no avail because Sophie depends upon the Canadian Shield.*

    a large, thick layer of Precambrian rock.


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