IS The Wall Is Breaking?

Possum Hollar tests walls.

No, silly, the OTHER wall!

While trying to condemn Rep. Schiff is a predictable move, what Politico’s morning email thingie really indicates is that the only wall that Hair Füror has successfully built is breaking as Republicans are now starting to actually question their blind allegiance to an obvious criminal half-wit (and apologies to half-wits everywhere).


SCHIFF-TING VIEWS The fifth week of impeachment will begin with a bang today, when Republicans try to force the House to vote on a censure resolution condemning House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) — the GOP’s favorite punching bag in the impeachment fight. While Republicans have been split on whether Trump’s communications with Ukraine were appropriate, the party seems to have coalesced around demonizing Schiff and attacking Democrats for their impeachment process. “It’s only proper that the House itself censure this individual,” Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said on Fox News.

Even though Democrats will just vote to table the resolution, the effort could unite Republicans — and please Trump — at a time when the GOP has started to increasingly break with the president. Rep. Francis Rooney (R-Fla.), who announced his retirement over the weekend, told reporters Friday he was still thinking about impeachment. “I want to get the facts and do the right thing,” he said. “Because I’ll be looking at my children a lot longer than I’m looking at anybody in this building.” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, meanwhile, published an op-ed slamming Trump’s decision to pull troops from Syria, though he didn’t call out the president by name.

And Trump got so much GOP pushback for his decision to host the G-7 summit at his struggling Miami resort that he ended up scrapping the plan, a rare retreat for the president. In fact, acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney hosted a group of moderate congressional Republicans at Camp David over the weekend, where they implored the White House to reverse course, according to the New York Times. (Trump even called into the meeting at one point.) “I didn’t see it being a big negative, but it certainly wasn’t a positive,” said Rep. Peter T. King (R-N.Y.), who said the group at Camp David warned White House aides that the decision “would be a distraction.”

On this theme, The Atlantic turns to Mitt Romney (again, apologies to half wits):

“In the nine years I’ve been covering Romney, I’ve never seen him quite so liberated. Unconstrained by consultants, unconcerned about reelection, he is thinking about things such as legacy, and inheritance, and the grand sweep of history. Here, in the twilight of his career, he seems to sense—in a way that eludes many of his colleagues—that he’ll be remembered for what he does in this combustible moment. ‘I do think people will view this as an inflection point in American history,’ Romney tells me.

“‘I don’t look at myself as being a historical figure,’ he hastens to add, ‘but I do think these are critical times. And I hope that what I’m doing will open the way for people to take a different path.’”

¡GASP! Are they saying that Willard found some vestigial remains of a spine, or that once again he’s windsocking as convenient? I have read sci-fi that indicated that in certain Alien races on planet Kolob this was accomplished due to various anomalies in their DNA. But I digress.

Axios has a post up on their interview with Willard last night on HBO:

Sen. Mitt Romney, in an interview with “Axios on HBO,” outlined a broad indictment of President Trump, criticizing his rhetoric, his abandonment of the Kurds, his plea to Ukraine and China to undermine a political opponent, his character and past personal life.

Why it matters: Romney, who has emerged as the party’s most prominent Trump critic, is getting overtures to run against the president (he won’t) or lead the charge to get senators to convict Trump if the House impeaches him.

Romney, who wrote in his wife, Ann, when he voted in 2016, has only soured on Trump since then…

Talking to me at his home outside Salt Lake City, Romney made it clear that he’s open to voting to remove Trump.

  • Romney — a former Massachusetts governor, and his party’s presidential candidate in 2012 — wants to be seen as a fair juror, and would have a high bar: He pointed out that presidents have done things that were wrong or perhaps even illegal, and not been removed from office.
  • But Romney, who has called Trump’s pleas for China and Ukraine to investigate the Bidens “wrong and appalling,” went even further with me: “It was shocking, in my opinion, for the president to do so — and a mistake for him to do. I can’t imagine coming to a different point of view.”

And speaking of half-wits who flip-flop, Senatorette Lindsey Graham was also interviewed by Axios:

Graham, a former Trump critic who’s now one of his most vital allies on Capitol Hill, sounds exasperated by Trump but is sticking by him.

  • Graham called Trump a “handful” and an “equal opportunity abuser.”
  • Graham said evidence of a true quid pro quo could change his mind on conviction.
  • If Graham were to defect, you can count on at least 19 other Republican senators — the minimum needed to convict — doing the same.
  • It’s hard to see Graham turning on Trump. Then again, it was hard to see Graham sucking up to Trump after calling him a disaster.


Anyway, watch this space. IF the Republican Red Wall is cracking, it will happen fast. Those boys (and let’s face it, the GOP is a boy’s club —Liz Cheny NOT excluded) follow the herd. I still maintain that if amply be-chinned #MoscowMitch does any kind of paper ballot or voice vote (but not roll call), it means he already knows that his caucus wants to impeach the mother-eff’er (and he does too, it will be a YUGE tell!), and wants to offer some protection from Possum Hollar going after them.

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12 Responses to IS The Wall Is Breaking?

  1. The Atlantic turns to Mitt Romney

    And here’s to you, Mr. Rom-en-y
    The Beltway loves you more than you will know
    Whoa, whoa, whoa
    Pundits bless you, please, Mr. Rom-en-y
    The White House holds a place for those who play
    Hey, hey, hey
    Hey, hey, hey


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  2. Redhand says:

    In a sane world, he would be impeached and removed. The last week should signal finis except for the details and schedule. Consider (1) his clear criminality in Ukraine; (2) his shameless and potentially corrupt retreat from Syria, against ALL contrary advice; and (3) the insane selection of his Doral property for the G-7 meeting, which is the essence of what the foreign emoluments clause prohibits. It’s a trifecta of absolute criminality, incompetence, and naked financial corruption.

    And that’s just one, albeit momentous, week! I have real problems imagining how the country can stand another year of this.

    This SHOULD be the tipping point, but his party is as corrupt and debased as he is. I still can’t see McConnell pulling the plug on him. Nor can I see “opinion leader” Graham doing the same. They should, but GOP Power is more important to them than anything: the rule of law; our position in the world, the constitution, basic governmental norms, etc. And this is because the GOP itself has morphed into a fascist party.

    They will not vote to impeach, even after last week.

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    • Redhand says:

      I should have said “remove” since I’m really talking about a Senate trial. I hope I’m wrong, but I have no confidence that the GOP Congress will ever do the right thing regarding Trump.

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    • tengrain says:

      Redhand –

      You present the cloud to go around the silver lining. I’ll give you another bit of shining hope:

      The Rs have gotten out of him everything that their donors wanted: tax cuts, stacked judiciary, deregulation. There’s really nothing left (except Abortion and beating on the ‘mos, but I never believed that was anything more that throwing crumbs to the Xristian Xrazies and not really important to the money people), and so Comrade Stupid at some point is going to be a net liability to them.

      And Mitch will cut a bitch.



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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    Maybe Lindsey will finally snap, and cease his fatuous groveling, bringing the Gang of Nineteen into the fold, whereupon they can convince the MHSG to resign, and get out while the gettin’s good, claiming he just can’t perform the stringent duties of the Prezinity due to the distractions caused by unstoppable Witch Hunts, and the baseless accusations, yada-yada.

    Besides, as well – maybe The Powers That Be will be less inclined to prosecute him at every level, if he just shuts up and goes away……..FAR away. Naw, just kidding.

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  4. Infidel753 says:

    The big problem is still that the Republican senators know that if Trump is removed with the help of their votes, millions of violent, stupid, heavily-armed Trumpanzees will be furious at them for “betraying” Trump. Their lack of spine isn’t all that surprising. They’re scared of provoking the monster they’ve created into turning on its creator.

    Aside from that, the Republican party would be going into next year’s election with the majority of its voting base enraged at the party leadership. And Trump, out of office, would be whipping up that rage with everything he’s got. It would be a formula for a complete electoral implosion.

    If they do the right thing in spite of all that — well, let’s just say it doesn’t strike me as a high-probability event.

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  5. roket says:

    An epiphany here, an epiphany there, everwhere an epiphany. Bless their hearts.

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  6. Pyed says:

    Trump’s image is completely obscured behind fumbles, lies and criminal activities. So much so, that in the GOP’s mind they think that they might to be able to dodge impeaching his ass. Don’t forget, Shiff has been pointing out Trump’s villainy a long time, now— So, Here’s an idea! Let’s all vote to censure Adam Shiff.

    It’s worth a try, and if they do lose Trump, well, hell, they’ve got another idiot (Howdy, Dubya!) ready for his Nth try at the White House warming up in the bull pen.

    It’s al seems perfectly logical, if you have a rethuglican brain..


  7. MDavis says:

    This got my attention:
    Romney “… pointed out that presidents have done things that were wrong or perhaps even illegal, and not been removed from office.”
    I don’t see this as a valid argument, especially since he doesn’t name “perhaps” crimes.

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    • Shrub got on in a nationally televised address to the nation and admitted to violating FISA millions of times. (every citizen whose phone calls were monitored without warrant and without a connection to a foreign person counts as a violation, and they were sucking up everything) and not a damn thing happened.

      But gawd forbid a Democrat get an unauthorized blowie!

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