Recapping Thursday on Friday

Us, as performed in interpretive dance

Recapping Thursday:

(Acting) White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney kicked the Mango Hued Shitgibbon in the ol’ Oompa-Loompas by admitting — in a press conference — that the 4th Reich withheld congressionally appropriated funds for Ukraine as part of a quid pro quo, said “we do that all the time,” and told reporters to “get over it.”

UPDATE 1: Here it is!

Let’s be clear: Mulvaney admitted that Trump administration illegally shook down Ukraine to advance a (totally bananas) conspiracy theory that exonerates Russia and blames Democrats for interfering in the 2016 Goat Rodeo.

Mulvaney also announced that the United States will host the next G7 summit at Comrade Trump’s struggling, bed-bug infested Doral golf resort in Miami, FL  Having this event at one of his own properties literally would strong-arm hundreds of diplomats, journalists, and world leaders to put millions of Ameros directly into Trump’s pockets. Mick Mulvaney said that Prznint Grifter hisself intervened in the decision-making process, and then claimed that Comrade Trump wouldn’t make any profit off of it.

We comment Comrade Trump for draining the swamp and ending corruption in all of its many forms.

Let’s see, what else?

Commander Bunnypants endorsed ethnic cleansing in Syria, where the Turks have vowed to remove Kurds from the border area:

And Prznint Stupid took credit for a ceasefire over the Turkey-Syria border war that he caused by removing U.S. troops, stabbing the Kurds in the back, and then rewarding Turkey for giving Russia what it wanted in the region.


And then he visited a handbag factory and had a rally in Texas.

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6 Responses to Recapping Thursday on Friday

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Well, as long as they’re doing it right out in the open now, and not trying to hide anything, then it must be all legal-like, and aboveboard. Besides, if the Prezinit does it, it’s not illegal, ipso facto.

    L’etat, c’est moi.

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  2. then claimed that Comrade Trump wouldn’t make any profit off of it.

    [Narrator] The Constitution, in fact, does NOT specify that the president must profit from the Emoluments. Just receiving the Ameros/Rubles/Rials/etc etc etc is a violation.

    We the taxpaychumps will pay for millions in improvements to the place to upgrade security alone.

    And if he wouldn’t make a profit from a massive meeting like this, his accountants would put Hollywood’s to shame. THEY’RE the ones who should get the Nobel Prize (in Mathematicsmagics ) for their Advanced Quantum Superposition Theory of Accounting where money in the box has an infinite range of values, depending on what entity wants the count…

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  3. roket says:

    The orange surrender gibbon is getting much worse at lying. They used to have a small semblance of truthyness. No longer. 100% pure grade-A bullshit.

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    • Pyed says:

      Come on, now, that’s not bullshit. That’s that thin yellow shit they get from calves.

      Even their bullshit is below standard.


  4. MDavis says:

    ReKneecapping Thursday on Friday”

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