Oops, Said Faceberg (Part Infinity)

Comrade Faceberg

Mark Faceberg ululated at Georgetown University on Facebook’s prioritization of free speech, which definitely sounds better than ululating on his bidness model of selling your data to people who want to use you.

Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook should “err on the side of greater expression” during a 35-minute speech at Georgetown University yesterday in which he tried to cast the platform as a champion of free speech and democracy.

Anyway, Faceberg/book has been under fire for allowing lies in political ads.  You may recall that  Sen. Professor Warren dubbed it a “disinformation-for-profit machine,” and so I guess he needed to counter-punch, like a certain dinner guest? But I digress.

Faceberg said free speech had been an essential component in the civil rights era and mentioned Martin Luther King (twice! to show us that he hisself as a rich, Rich, RICH white dude is down with the blahs), which resulted in an unintended consequence:

The speech was very well-received on Facebook’s live-stream, which oddly the comments were almost exclusively positive, so you know: another stunning victory for Facebook’s embrace of Free Speech.

Go figure.

But perhaps the strangest thing that Faceberg tried to claim was that Facebook was created in response to the Iraq war and not as a misogynistic tool for other tools to rate the hot-or-notness (is too a word!) of his classmates.

Dude: We all saw The Social Network.

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8 Responses to Oops, Said Faceberg (Part Infinity)

  1. R White says:

    Faceberg is not the boy wonder he and others within the worthless beltway media ascribe him to be. He has never reconciled the paradox that his social media program has created whereby the program provides social networks for introverted people while at the same time further isolating those individuals with the drug ‘rush’ of likes/dislikes from random strangers. Besides, his foolish libertarian ideal of over-sharing everything personal for the greater good is downright creepy and one of many reasons why I quit the overrated social media app years ago.

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    • tengrain says:

      R White: the irony of the Social Media app is that it is designed by socially adverse and introverted people. </>

      It’s their idea of what being social means: from a distance.

      (Full disclosure: within 6 months of signing up, I had a stalker who showed up IRL. I couldn’t get FB out of my life fast enough.)

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      • R White says:

        If anything, that program has handicapped some, not all, millennials with actual physical interactions. Awkward at times working with the yutes when they don’t know how to engage in pleasantries and small talk while on the train, elevator etc.

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    • Besides, his foolish libertarian ideal of over-sharing everything personal for the greater good personal profit is downright creepy a completely expected outcome of the Randian Librotarian crowd

      Edited to reflect reality. Facebook DIES without over-sharing, and Faceberg damned well knows it, and all his handwaving over freezepeach is an attempt to distract us.

      I swear, every time I see that uncanny valley face emit human speech I visualize this. Maybe he IS a cyborg sent form the futre to destrpy us…

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  2. Ten Bears says:

    While I was “suspended” for twenty-four hours for changing Palestinian to “Christian” and reposting exactly the same shit the white-dogs post – changed “Palestinian” to “Christian”, that’s it.

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  3. roket says:

    PSA: Henceforth, whenever you hear a conservative/evangelical/republican/RWNJ etc. speak of free speech they are referring to their freedom to disseminate fake news and Rusian Mafia election disinformation. Because the enemy of their enemy is their friend.

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  4. Pyed says:

    It might be different if those so-called Christians were over-sharing every moment of their religious lives — morning prayer, Bible study epiphany, sharing of the Word while shopping, Christian insight into capitalism while working in one’s cubicle, the blessing you gave the fellow who cut you off during your commute home, remembering all the mentions of food in the Bible while cooking supper, and thoughts on whether football is too violent or too militaristic a sport for a Christian to follow before sitting down to watch the game. If that were it, Facebook would go the way of the 56kbps modem.

    But that’s not what happens. These so-called Christians are forever broadcasting their superiority, and/or hate and/or fear of people from other races, religions and lifestyles . Forever fomenting to force every fetus to be born–then abandoned. Sticking their noses in, then reacting in rage, revulsion and fear against anyone whose culture, gender or political aspirations are not in lockstep with their own.

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