New Music Friday (the Real Palate Cleanser!)

You guys, after a week like this one, I think we all need some puppy love.

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  1. cuddle puppies.

    (note: Mrs Desertrat once watched an ‘About this episode’ of ‘The Tunnel’ (REALLY good series, btw) on PBS where a character was supposed to be dead, and run over by a horde of rats when a door in the underground chamber was opened. The only problem was the set was quite cold, and when the (trained) rats were released they ran to the actor and cuddled up to get warm; thus the term ‘cuddle rats’ was born. In the end they had to do the rat rampage via CGI, because the real ones insisted on just being friendly.)

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  2. nonnie9999 says:

    My only question is how did they ever leave? If I went there, I think I would stay forever.

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  3. Pyed says:

    Finally! A music video I can watch all the way through.

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  4. Lsamsa says:

    Not on topic, sorry, but the article title brought forward a memory.
    ‘The New Music’ was a local Toronto show in the ’70’s and one of the two hosts was none other than Fox News’ White House Correspondent, John Roberts. I just had to share.
    Here is JD Roberts…

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  5. paul fredine says:

    there was a song? i was too busy looking at the puppies.

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