History Was Made Today

The astronauts Jessica Meir (left) and Christina Koch with space drills NASA / AP

Just gonna put this out here: Women rule.

Today two women Astronauts (Christina Koch and Jessica Meir) spent 7 hours outside doing home improvement projects (see the drills, misogynists and haters?) and didn’t need no damn man to help ’em.

Prznint Stupid called them and congratulated the two for being the’ first ever female spacewalkers’, and Meir corrected him by saying there have been numerous women before – a total of 15 to be exact. Today was the first time two women were outside, in space, together, and no boys allowed!

There is nothing a man can do that a woman cannot do (and they usually do it better, let’s be honest).

I really hope that all the kids saw that and in their heart of hearts know that there is nothing that girls cannot do, the sky (and beyond!) is unlimited.

The Future is Female and I’m really glad for that.

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6 Responses to History Was Made Today

  1. ming says:

    Space Drills! Sweet!

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  2. donnah says:

    Thanks, TG. It’s good to see women being supported here. I appreciate that!

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  3. paul fredine says:

    when he called, too bad it didn’t go directly to voice mail. i’m sure they had better things to do.

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  4. Dennis Cole says:

    And here’s a musical interlude that also set a (sort of) record: (Pun intended)


    • Karla says:

      Thanks for posting that! I love Ian Anderson and his flute-playing And I’m a space nerd, so this is the best of both. I hadn’t seen this before

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