This is insane, part infinity

Pence is the one on the right.

So Mike Pence went to negotiate with Turkey, and what happened?

Look, as Trump’s emissary, Pence negotiated a surrender—without permission—on behalf of an ally they had already stabbed in the back, to put off ethnic cleansing for five (5!) whole days. And Prznint McDeals is crowing that it is a diplomatic victory:

Axios Alert email thingie:

The big picture: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan previously said that he would “never” agree to a ceasefire, after the U.S. withdrawal from northern Syria paved the way for Turkey to begin a military assault on U.S-allied Kurdish forces that they view as terrorists.

The breakthrough came after five hours of negotiations between Pence and Erdogan and followed the authorization of sanctions against Turkish officials earlier this week by President Trump.

  • As part of the deal, Pence said that the U.S. would not implement any more sanctions on Turkey and that it would revoke all economic punishments once a permanent ceasefire takes effect.
  • Pence also said Turkey agreed to re-commit to countering ISIS and to cooperate with the U.S. on securing ISIS detainees and guarding prison camps in Syria.
  • After Pence’s announcement, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said: “This is not a ceasefire. We will pause the operation for 120 hours in order for the terrorists to leave. We will only stop the operation if our conditions are met.”

What to watch: The Kurds must now leave their territory in 120 hours. Asked by a reporter whether there is a future for Syrian Kurds, Pence said that the agreement today ends immediate violence, which is what Trump sent the U.S. delegation to Ankara do.

Between the lines: The agreement gives Turkey what it wants — the removal of sanctions and support for a “safe zone” free of YPG forces that they view as an extension of the Kurdish Workers’ Party, which has carried out an insurgency inside Turkey for decades.

  • Significant harm, however, has already been done. Hundreds of Kurds have been killed, thousands have been displaced, and at least 1,000 ISIS prisoners and supporters have escaped prison camps since Trump’s decision to move U.S. troops out of northern Syria.

What they’re saying: Trump told reporters Thursday, “It’s a great day for the United States, it’s a great day for Turkey … it’s a great day for the Kurds. It’s really a great day for civilization. … I just want to thank and congratulate President Erdogan. He’s a friend of mine and I’m glad we didn’t have a problem because frankly he is a hell of a leader and a tough man, a strong man.”

So we are un-punishing Turkey, betraying the Kurds, and the whole time Putin is smiling as another of his plans to destroy NATO comes to fruition. What exactly did Pence “win”?


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9 Responses to This is insane, part infinity

  1. roket says:

    Hey Stable Genius and future war crimes defendant, what is the status of the US troops in Syria?

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  2. So, The “Troo Pro-LifeChristian” Pence has just acceded to ethnic cleansing of northern Syria. Coupled with Trumps ok of Turkey to invade another soverign nation to murder citizens of that nation., they should both get Göering’s old seat at Nurembürg.

    This is for realsies war crims; shit like this is why Shrub and Darth Cheney know they shouldn’t travel outside the confines of the United States.

    I think we should ask ourselves “Are we the Baddies?”

    Yes, yes we are.

    (Ironically the first spoken line in the clip below was auto-captioned * “All right, lets see how those Russians deal with a cracked SS division”* … Eiron laughs and farts a little)

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    • Astamari says:

      That was a hilarious clip. Is that a British TV show (or movie)?

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    • MDavis says:

      The Kurds are not Christian (or Xtian) so Pence probably thinks he got a two-fer – providing cover for trump and kicking those Kurds outta there . Letting Erdogan get away with calling the Kurds terrorists is just frosting for him.
      It looks like Trump is like a Stupid Nixon, but Pence is like a Stupid Pope Urban II in this one.

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  3. ali redford says:

    “… a great day for civilization…”
    He moves into the US White House and calls it a dump, yet he calls what he’s
    done with Syria and the Kurds civilization? I am dumbfounded, and I didn’t think
    a Republican could do that to me anymore by these days.

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  4. CalicoJack says:

    Howdy y’all!
    I think that Putin’s goal, and, therefore, Trump’s de facto goal, is to destroy the US as we know it. At the very least, if both Putin and Trump have their way, the US will cease to be a democracy. Instead we will have become a single-party, pseudo-democratic authoritarian nation whose only function is to transfer its wealth to the 1% as fast as possible. Incidentally, this has been the GOP’s goal since Gingrich.

    If viewed through this lens, then all of these mysterious unfathomable erratic behavior by all of the parties begins to make sense.


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  5. H-Bob says:

    It’s a great day for the Turks, especially since they can celebrate their slaughter of Armenians about 100 years ago by slaughtering the Kurds!

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    • me looks around nervously for the spam from Serdar Argic after that mention of the Armenian Genocide

      (Yes I’ve been on the internets forever in Internet years….I remember the “Green Card Lottery” the first widely distributed spam. I got a personal reply from kibo once. I remember gopher, and had a fat dot-matrix-printed list of publicly accessible FTP and Telnet sites, and my internet sessions always started with SKREEEE-shhhhhhhh-UIUIUIUIUI-ddddddddd-owowowowo noises from my AWS0M3 1200 baud modem… 🙂

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