(UPDATED) Is The Turkey Done Yet?

Oh, shit:

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump appeared to confirm Wednesday that US nuclear weapons are being housed at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey, making him the first US official to publicly acknowledge what has been considered an open secret for years…

While sitting alongside the Italian President in the Oval Office, Trump was asked if he is concerned about the safety of “as many as 50 nuclear weapons at Incirlik Air Base” given the ongoing Turkish incursion into Syria — a situation that has prompted bipartisan condemnation from members of Congress and suggestions that the weapons should be moved to another location.

“We’re confident, and we have a great — a great air base there, a very powerful air base. That air base alone can take anyplace. It’s a large, powerful air base,” Trump responded, apparently acknowledging that US nuclear weapons are being stored in Turkey.”

Well, that clears up that. Good thing he sent walking termite buffet Mike Pence to Turkey to negotiate a ceasefire… wait. What’s that you say? Kneecapp’ed ’em, did he?

“Even as he sent his vice president and secretary of state to Turkey on Wednesday to negotiate a ceasefire, Trump kneecapped their bargaining power by publicly declaring that the area in question has “nothing to do with us…

Just a few hours later, Trump declared that “if Turkey goes into Syria, it is between Turkey and Syria. It’s not our problem…

Speaking in the Oval Office, Trump said US soldiers are “not in harm’s way” as Turkey advances into northeastern Syria.”

So we got nuclear annihilation to look forward to, also/too. And all this because Possum Hollar lost their shit when a black man became president, and a woman ran. So much winning!

UPDATE 1: Politico’s morning email thingie –

THE RISK … THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION is sending the VP and the secretary of State to try to change the behavior of a foreign leader who says he has no intention of changing his behavior. What will they get from sending the VP and SecState to Turkey? They do have leverage in the sanctions Treasury announced and the tougher measures pending in Congress, but it seems quite risky for the U.S.

UPDATE 2: We’re bombing our own bases! WSJ

“On Wednesday, the U.S. military said two F-15E jet fighters carried out an airstrike to destroy an ammunition-storage facility, latrines, tents and other parts of the Syria headquarters of the American campaign to destroy Islamic State after pulling its forces from the base. Col. Myles Caggins, a spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition overseeing the fight against Islamic State, said the airstrikes were intended to ‘reduce the facility’s military usefulness.’

“The decision to target the base, which included warehouses used to train-and-equip the Kurdish-led fighters, came after Turkish-backed forces moved on the facility on Tuesday.”

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7 Responses to (UPDATED) Is The Turkey Done Yet?

  1. Redhand says:

    The “we’re bombing our own bases” is a really nice touch. Shades of our withdrawal from Vietnam 1975.

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  2. ali redford says:

    “So we got nuclear annihilation to look forward to, also/too. And all this because Possum Hollar lost their shit when a black man became president, and a woman ran. So much winning!”

    Pre-freakin’-cisely. Sheesh.


  3. Dennis Cole says:

    Hey, we already armed ISIS once, when we withdrew from Iraq, and abandoned an untold number of armed and armored fighting vehicles, leaving the keys in the ignition and the instruction manual on the driver’s seat, so maybe it’s a good thing we now build ’em and then blow ’em up.

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  4. roket says:

    Who is the surrender monkey now?

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