(UPDATED) Wrong-Again Rudy™ Still Wrong

In spite of two of his comically criminal Ukrainian colleagues being indicted by federal prosecutors last week (Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman who’s bidness names “Fraud Guarantee” and “Mafie Style” should have been a tell), and his on-going role in Comrade Stupid’s effort to blackmail Ukraine to investigate his political enemies, teevee lawyer Wrong-Again Rudy™ has made the bold choice that he will not comply with a congressional subpoena.

Rudy also You’re Fired’ed his own lawyer, Jon Sale, whose last assignment for America’s Mayor was to send a letter to Democrats telling them —what’s the legalese for it? Oh, yeah— to go eff themselves.

Now, you might recall that recently Rudy confessed on national teevee that while serving as the president’s personal attorney, he asked the government of Ukraine to target former Vice President Joe Biden, so you might think that those subpoenas are pretty important and are likely to be enforced.

You really cannot make up stuff like this.

UPDATE 1: Reuters tells us that Wrong Again Rudy’s work for Lev Parnas’ amazingly (and accurately) named “Fraud Guarantee”  netted him $5ooK Ameros.  Nice work if you can grift it.


“David Correia, the fourth defendant in a campaign finance case involving business associates of President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani, was arrested Wednesday morning at a New York City airport, officials said.

“Correia has been charged with participating in a scheme to use foreign money to build political support for a fledgling recreational marijuana business in Nevada and other states, according to an indictment unsealed last week that also charged Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman with making false statements to election regulators and conspiracy.”

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6 Responses to (UPDATED) Wrong-Again Rudy™ Still Wrong

  1. YellowDog says:

    Someday, soon, a stupidly corrupt lawyer with a big mouth will be referred to as a “Giuliani, Jr.” “Wanna-be Giuliani” and “Rudy-lite” will also be acceptable.

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  2. Steve-O says:

    Spoken like a true former Southern District of NY prosecutor who believes in the rule of law…..


  3. Boris says:

    How long after Rudy is arrested will it be before his lawyers claim Rudy has a 'medical condition' that should preclude his being jailed in Riker's?— Nick Charalambides (@Thin_Man) October 16, 2019



  4. Meanwhile, via the indispensable Rachel Maddow, we learn that Rudy got a $500K contract to ‘streamline emergency services’ for the city of Kharkiv, which contract was paid not by the city, but a russian oligarch-type who got rich in real estate in Russia…


    I would like to take a moment to exercise the liberal’s cursed superpower (memory, ht Driftglass) to remind everyone that the reason Rudy was taking his ‘heroic’ walk around town on 9/11 was because against the advice of all his experts he put the city’s Emergency Command center in the World Trade Center, a site that had already been the target of a serious terrorist attack.

    He and his entourage were walking around photogenically because they had nowhere else to go!

    That’s ‘streamlining municipal emergency services’ for yah!

    (And that’s not EVEN getting into the deadly clusterfuck that was ‘oh the NYPD and NYFD cannot talk to each other because their radios are all different, despite efforts to fix that since the LAST attack on the World Trade Center’ In my opinion Rudy shoulders a lot of blame for the loss of life on that day…)

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  5. SR says:

    You should get some sort of award for that image. But it’s actually sane Americans who would fit inthat picture since Nov 2016.


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