About Last Night…

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As predicted, I didn’t watch, but this morning I am reading the recaps. Frankly, it sounds like I made the right decision to avoid it and for all the right reasons. The CNN moderators were alleged to be bad (shocking, I know) and the NYTimes’ moderator Mark Lacey appearantly didn’t know how to tell the candidates to shut up when they went over their allotted limits. Also, from what I can tell from those silly minutes totals, Lacey and Cooper hardly let Erin Burnett speak. Kinda bad look, boys, in the age of #MeTooVoters.

The questions were alleged to be bad (more on that in a moment), and too many candidates on the stage made for a bad three-hours. Thin the herd!

It’s the first debate since:

  • the impeachment inquiry began
  • Bernie Sanders’ heart attack two weeks ago
  • Prznint Stupid’s attack on Joe Biden’s family
  • Elizabeth Warren’s rise to co-frontrunner (or ahead!) with Joe Biden
  • It’s Tom Steyer’s first presidential debate, period.

Now, you might think that because all of the candidates have already endorsed impeaching Comrade Trump that questions about where they stand would be unneeded, and yet they were asked. What was Anderson Cooper thinking? As if one of them had a change of heart and now opposes impeaching the M-F’er?

Speaking of hearts, Bernie got a good moment thanking everyone for their well-wishes following his heart attack.

And as many/most/all of them had rallied around the Biden family as Comrade Trump’s attacks began, one would think that this wouldn’t be a big line of questioning, and yet it was. So everyone legitimized the Russian Usurper’s attacks. Good work!

“Look, my son did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I carried out the policy of the United States government in rooting out corruption in Ukraine. And that’s what we should be focusing on. … My son’s statement speaks for itself.”

Not to pick on Joe, but, this was predictable. His debate prep should have included that question. His answer sounds… poor.

Sen. Professor Warren had a target on her back, which was also predictable. That she doesn’t have a solid answer for paying for her plans seems like a real debate prep fail.

Tom Steyer barely got a word in edgewise. So in 4 debates his total speaking time is now –checks notes — 7+ minutes.

It’s time for some candidates to drop out. When it gets to be 5 or fewer on the stage then we might have more reason to watch one of these wretched things. And also: no more CNN moderators. They suck.

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4 Responses to About Last Night…

  1. Diane says:

    I agree with you about CNN. I read that the last question was Cooper asking what they all thought of Ellen and Bush being sociable. Who cares? These debates are doing nothing positive for the dems. Stupid questions, too many candidates, 2 minute answers, and attacks on each other.

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    • tengrain says:

      Seriously, that doofus asked about THAT?

      Jeebus, take the wheel.



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      • R White says:

        Cooper, like most of the overrated nimrods at CNN probably thought such questions were profound. Besides, Zucker and the rest of the worthless beltway media are determined to normalize and rehab the moronic war criminal W. and speak of his ‘civility’ and that of true republicans once FatNixon and his white trash family leave the public sphere and they are in full rebranding mode for their favorite political party.

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    Instead of being cozen with the dozen, (I know, it doesn’t rhyme, but that’s the English language* for ya,) I was dozin’ with my cousin. So there.

    “The house burned up,” and “the house burned down” both mean the same thing. Go figger. And can we have a moment for some “feelz” for those immigrants struggling with ESL? It’s considered one of THE most difficult languages to learn.

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